Journalism: Thai Rath vs Thai E-News & The Nation vs Bangkok Pundit

The individual gets a chance to hit-back at the likes of Thai Rath and Nation with the internet

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

New Media vs Old Media?

Democratic Media vs Elite Rule of Thailand Media?

Giants of Media Businesses vs sleek and slim operations?

Old slimy media vs quality journalism?

What ever one calls it-it is interesting to see the giants of Thai media like Thai Rath and the Nation-loosing both the battle and the war.

The conflict follows:

Thai Rath is an egotistic elite ass kissing Thai newspaper with the largest number of newspaper sold in Thailand-best estimate is about 1-2 million copies a day, while Thai E-News is and internet blog that is the voice of Democracy, written in the Thai language that gets about 30,000-40,000 hits a day.

Thai Rath employs an army of journalist and staff and has been around for about 30-40 years, while Thai E-News has been around for about 3 years-staffed with below 10 numbers of journalist and staff of volunteer.

The Nation is an English language newspaper of the Nation Multi-Media group-with an army of journalist that sells at most 7,000-9,000 copies a day-much of that in bulk discount to hotels. Bangkok Pundit is a lone blogger at Asian Correspondent who post one to 2 stories a day with a hit of about 5,000-8,000 hits a day.

Thai Rath just attacked Thai E-News on its front page with a great deal of statements-like Thai E-News just got blocked by the ICT-when in fact Thai E-news was blocked months ago. Thai Rath also said Thai E-News belonged to Taksin-when in fact-the blog is mainly a forum for a cross-section of democratic oriented opinions that often do come into conflict-to which Thai Intel calls it the official Red indicator.

Bangkok Pundid and the Nation’s star journalist Thanong K, about 2 months ago got into a twitter debate-where Thanong K responded to Bangkok Pundit statements with character assassination-where the debate ended in Thanong K telling Bangkok Pundit to just go away and stop bothering him.

Big Un-principled Bullies:

Thai Intel, just wants to say-that it does not take a lots of guts at all for the likes of Thai Rath to go after a small outfit like Thai E-News.

In fact, Thai Intel wants to say that what Thai Rath did-is just the same as what the elite ruler of Thailand did to the Red Shirt-and that is just “BULLYING.”

Thai Intel have always called Thai Rath the “Ego Indicator” of the Thai character-and the case between Thai Rath and Thai E-News is why-just a big dumb media house full of ego pushing a small media around.

The same thing can be said about the Nation and Thanong K. The Nation, as part of the Nation Multi media Group-is a huge media group-and yet-in a debate-what did it do?

Well, like the character of the Nation-all it did was character assassination-and did not enter into any credible argument at all-and in the end? Well, Thanong K like a spoiled brat told Bangkok Pundit to take a hike.

Thai Intel just wants to tell our readers, that all the journalist here have not read Thai Rath in a very long time and as far as the Nation-we do not even check out the headline.

As far as Thai Intel is concerned, both Thai Rath and Nation are nothing much more than fuck up idiots.

Why is the likes of Thai Rath and Nation loosing-to the likes of Thai E-news and Bangkok Pundit-well, the bottom line is-just a few number of journalist is shaking the giants to its foundation.

The fact is, it is probably taking Thai E-News and Bangkok Pundit 1 baht to reach 100 readers-while it is probably taking Thai Rath and The Nation 100 baht to reach 1 reader.