Democracy: Right Wing Populism & The Progressive Response: Thailand & America faces the ultimate challenge

increasingly, progressive is a dirty word in traditional Thailand

Blog Note: Thai Intel just wants to remind our readers that in America-a similar situations that is to a less extreme exists as it does in Thailand. The following is just one suggestions to the forces of Democracy in Thailand of how the Progressive in American is dealing with the onslaught of the Right Wing Populism.
  • But the American Right Wing impact on Thailand is quite interesting-in that the American Right Wing are in fact, rooted in freedom-and the American foreign policy under the American Right Wing-have often surprised many with its strong focus on human rights, freedom and democracy.
An American mid-term election is coming up, and while the current Congress is jammed pack with the Progressives-who have all but forgotten the freedom fighters and democratic activist in Thailand, the new American Congress may posses a new challenge to the royalist elite War Criminals of Thailand.

Would the beauty of the American spirit shine some light on Thailand?

The following is one tactic of the American Progressive:

Right Wing Populism and the Progressive Response

10/12/2010 – 7:00pm
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As we head toward the November midterm election, the “Tea Party” movement seems to have become the most prominent voice in opposition to the current administration and the media-grabbing antics of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and others, threaten to derail civil discourse. What can progressives do to counteract this aggressive march towards the politics of fear? Join us as the NYSEC Advocacy Forum presents Right Wing Populism and the Progressive Response with Jim Hightower, radio commentator, author and America’s #1 Populist; Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Professor of Politics and African American Studies at Princeton University; Juan Gonzalez, Co-Host of Democracy Now! and moderator Ari Melber of The Nation.

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