Philosophy: Thailand’s Future: Disruptive Thinking vs Positive Thinking


Who would not disrupt a sleeping sexy girl like Thailand


By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

To understand how difficult Thailand‘s future will be-all one has to do is pick up the latest books on practically any subject coming out of the West-and there one will find the word “Disruptive” all over the place.

In the West, where progress and innovation are highly valued, the word “Disruptive” is used inter-changeable with the terms “New Discovery.” That is to say, the discovery of something new is “Disruptive” to the previous something.

For example the term “Disruptive technology” actually means technology that changes the status quo-and this is highly valuable. Such as when iPhone disrupted the mobile phone industry.

There is no doubt, that the elite rule of Thailand will soon be moving away from propagating “Goodness” towards propagating “Positive Thinking.”

There is just simply no way to maintain something as vague and useless in the practical sense as the concept of “Goodness” since when one talks of “Goodness” one is talking about a “value.” And thus the question of whose “value” are we talking about will blow away the validity of propagating “Goodness” in not so far in the future.

To put it bluntly, to many Thais, “Goodness” is the Democratic process and not the Royalist elite rule of Thailand.

Already, in the place of propagating “Goodness” many icon leaders of the elite rule of Thailand is already starting to propagate “Positive Thinking.”

What does positive thinking mean in the context of the elite rule of Thailand is just simple.

And that is not being “Disruptive” or what the elite rule of Thailand calls “Destructive” in any way.

One famous example of this line of thinking is that the Thai people should be positive and forget about the elite crack-down on protesters that killed about 100-and to be positive and forget about that and move forward-looking for better days ahead.

This positive thinking can also be seen in an advertisement by Thailand most creative talents-who produced a brief TV advertising that simply says the Thais should put their differences aside and move forward as a united country.

All sounds well with all the positive thinking-but still the reality is that in Thailand there are two main conflicting forces-one is the non-democratic elite rule of Thailand and the other is the forces for democracy.

Each of these forces are disruptive of the other-and no amount of positive thinking will solve the situation.

The only way Thailand can meet the challenges of the future, is accepting that “Disruptive Forces” is a part of the Thai society and in fact “Disruptive Forces”  actually are positive forces-that being changes and growth to a system.

The choices are clear-a vibrant growing Thailand or a Thailand continuing to be frozen-ed in ancient times and ways.