Analysis: Moral High-Ground & Moral Decay “Failed Video Survailance & Torture”


Blog Note: Thai Intel would like to say thank you to our “classified source” for the story and basis for the analysis

By Stingray, Thai Intel’s national security journalist

He was laughing his butts off-the president of the Thai Private Security Association. No, I can not report his name, but I think his position is OK.

But there he was, running a company with about 500 private security for hire all over Bangkok and he said: “Fuck, I counted the bombing in Bangkok and it is like 20 times already-but non of the events was caught on video survailance cameras. And that is odd because I know as a fact many of those cameras are advance stuff, with motion detector and even panable to this point and that point.”

So he was laughing, because as he says-most likely, the only people who knows how to escape those cameras are “Well Placed” people on the inside, like the camera operators themselves. “They sound like my people actually, playing with the video survailance camera all the time and looking at the monitors.”

Meanwhile, as someone is playing with bombs in Bangkok and getting away without being seen on video survailance cameras-Asian Correspondence reports of torture by the Thai soldiers.

Bad image there, but then another image is being created.

Like if you have been reading some press like the Bangkok Post, you know that Prayuth who is called a “Hot Head” by many, is trying to create an image of “A Soft-Touch.” Now the army commander up in Northern Thailand and the E-sarn region-both where the Red Shirt are strong-says Prayuth ordered tham to use a “Soft Glove” for reconciliation.

So there you go, bombing video gone blank and thus keeps the Emergency Decree going in Bangkok that allows for a blanketed ban on Red Shirt media. Then a new image being projected by Prayuth through the likes of the Bangkok Post.

Meanwhile, some foreigner, Andrew Spooner-reports of torture by the Thai military, calling it “Human Rights Thai Style.

Moral high-ground and moral decay?

The following is from Asian Correspondence:

Thai Style Human Rights  

Oct. 03 2010 – 06:32 pm

By Andrew Spooner

As Prime Minister Abhisit heads to Europe in a further attempt to gloss over Thailand’s increasingly poor human rights reputation, an account outlining torture, beatings and coercion by the Thai Army against Redshirt pro-democracy activists has emerged.

The chilling account (published, exclusively, by Asian Correspondent) in which the two male adult victims and an undisclosed male minor (under 18), allege that masked Thai Army soldiers pointed rifles at their heads, beat them, threw petrol and oil over them, choked them until they almost passed out and repeatedly attempted to force them to sign false confessions, portrays a damning indictment of PM Abhisit’s worsening human rights’ record.

The account, produced by Social Move Assembly (Samatcha Sangcom Gaonar), a Bangkok-based human rights group, states

“The 3men were arrested by soldiers around 9pm on May 16, 2010.

They left the Red Shirts demonstration at Ratchaprasong at around 8pm and first went to fetch their car which was parked at Pratunwan intersection and then drove to Soi Chula 12 (Prayathai Road). They were heading to Watchaimongkol, Rama I road where one of the men’s residence is.

 The two older men were members of an intellectual group that drew most of its support from university students and which backed the Red Shirts’ call for Abhisit’s govt to dissolve parliament.”

The account then states that the 3 men drove to Soi Chula 12 where they were stopped at an army checkpoint. After getting calmly out of the car they were suddenly surrounded by a large group of up to 20 armed soldiers who began searching them.

“The soldiers seized their cameras and mobile phones and then tied their arms behind their backs. They were ordered to kneel down and face the wall.”

 While kneeling a soldier asked “do you know anything about the Red Shirt demonstration?” , “Who is the core Red Shirt guards?”, “Where the weapons have been hidden?” The account also alleges that during this interrogation a group of soldiers were pointing guns to the heads of the 3men at all times. In response to the questioning Mr. Krissana told the soldiers that he didn’t have such information; he was just an ordinary citizen who joined and supported the Red Shirt demonstration.

It is at this point in the account that a masked Thai soldier appears and the questioning takes a decidedly sinister turn.

“Then, after one of the men said he didn’t have such information another soldier with a black mask on came into the room. The soldier was threatening them by saying if they didn’t tell the truth, he would start choking them. But the 3 men still insisted they didn’t have such information. The soldier with the black mask on then started to choke them. One of the men also added that the solider used 2fingers to choke him and he felt he was struggling to stay conscious. The other two men were also choked, kicked and soldiers walked on their backs. This lasted about 45 minutes in total …and the soldiers also video recorded everything during the interrogation.”

The account goes on to state that another soldier then appeared who the other soldiers saluted as he walked in. One of the men assumed this soldier was a higher-ranking officer. The “higher-ranking” officer then soaked the bodies and faces of the 3men in a liquid substance that one of the men assumed was either oil or petrol.

“After [the “higher-ranking” officer] finished, he stepped back from the 3men about 1metre away and then lit the lighter.”

The account at this point makes very uncomfortable reading as it alleges that threats were then issued to the 3men that they would be burned alive if they didn’t provide information required by the soldiers.

Obviously fearing for their lives, the 3men were then forced to sign a confession that they were engaged in violent acts. The account then states that weapons were then planted among the 3mens’ belongings.

A few days after the arrest, the two adult males, despite protesting their innocence in court, were sentenced to 1years’ imprisonment by the Patum Thani municipal court. They are currently incarcerated at Klong Prem Prison.

The fate of the minor remains unknown.