Analysis: Thailand’s Deep South terrorist reaches “Historic Benchmark” in emptying the first community of Buddhist


As the Thai Prime Minister calls the Red Shirt "Terrorist" & "Al Qaeda" the real terrorist in the Deep South are called "Insurgence"

By Stingray, Thai Intel’s national security journalist 

Well, whatever the Thai newspaper have been running, Yahoo news that covers Thailand for the global audience-have like been running reports after reports of terrorist in Thailand’s Deep South or as the Thai military calls them-Insurgents-killing Thais down there like on a daily basis. 

They say one can tell about the media of a country and the people of that country that the media is a part of-by just looking at the head-line in the newspaper. 

So off course, if one have been reading any Thai newspaper like even the Bangkok Post-one can not escape the twisted saga of the relationship between two Thai celebrities and the people behind Thailand’s creative industry-namely the movie and music business. 

But Matichon, Thailand’s only independent media left-wrote in a small story-that would have been the headline of any newspaper in most countries around the globe if it were to happen to their country-and that little piece of news in Matichon is that terrorist in Thailand’s Deep South, have succeeded in doing what they said they will do for the first time-and that is to run  Buddhist out of Muslim dominated communities. 

According to Matichon, a few days ago, was the first time in Thailand-that a Thai community in the Deep South-saw all Bhuddist running out-meaning that the terrorist have succeeded in emptying out all Buddhist.

According to Matichon, the last Bhuddhist couple, of that community, packed their bags and just left. 

That off course-got very little attention in Thailand where the government keeps saying the problems in the Deep South of Thailand is improving.  

And since the military runs Thailand currently and they are the ones who told the government that things are getting better-what can the government say but that indeed things are getting better. 

Then the media off course, apart from Matichon, are all part of the government propaganda-and thus how dare the Thai media report such a historic achievement of the Deep South terrorist. 

All the focus off course went to DNA testing of a celebrity child to find the father-with Mega Headlines at every twist of the story.

Meanwhile, Anupong, who will be replace by the “Hot Head” Prayuth as Thailand’s army chief-and that means the Thai military-in a few days just together went to the Deep South to celebrate the change over of power in private. 

Meanwhile the global Muslim league says they are worried about the Thai government policies in the Deep South. And as a global class security analyst says, and please research Thai Intel older reports, the problem with terrorism in the Thai Deep South-is just simple-Thailand is Bangkok centric. 

As always-the question is appeasement and a political lead strategy-or just military tactics-to deal with the Deep South terrorist. The question is exactly the same as how to deal with the Red Shirt. And off course, the elite rule of Thailand opted for continued confrontation and propaganda.

By the way, the story on the celebrities is in fact kind of interesting-because now, celebrities are getting close to being as entertaining as the elite rule of Thailand.