Freedom: No joke “Mind Control Helmets” on the way & Will Thailand buy millions to stop Red Shirt from thinking?

Rendering of human brain.

Image via Wikipedia

By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Well, the key differences between the Red Shirt and the Amart upper crust rule of Thailand-is that the Red Shirt uses their brains to do critical thinking as the foundation for change for the better-while the Amart upper crust rule of Thailand is off course about maintaining the status quo of elite rule-by keeping Thais away from thinking critically or creatively.

So like the following news from Idea Connect says-scientist are working on helmets to make soldiers more alert-meaning more brain function-by turning on a switch on the helmet.

But the question is off course-if one can make people more alert with better brain function by turning on a switch-one can also make them more stupid by turning the switch the other way.

So Thai Intel really suggest the Amart upper crust rule of Thailand to spend some R&D in discovering how to make Thais more stupid-particularly the Red Shirt-who seems to used a higher level of logic and reasoning than their idiotic Amart counter-parts.

By the way-to all the Amart in Thailand-congratulations, Thai children IQ is like 15 points below global average. Like they say, nothing like a stupid population that are easily manipulated to keep the elite on top.

The following is from Idea Connect

DARPA is working on developing helmets that would allow soldiers to manipulate their brains into being more alert, or relieving stress, or even reducing the effects of a brain injury.

Researchers at Arizona State are working on transcranial pulsed ultrasound technology that remotely and directly stimulates brain circuits without requiring surgery.

Soldiers could flip a switch on their helmets to stimulate different regions of their brains.

Mind Control Helmets

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