Communications: Red Shirt working on 3G information dissemination tactics

  • By Stingray, Thai Intel’s national security journalist

Will the Red Shirt succeed in utilizing the 3G to break the elite rule information blockade?

A western intelligence source close to the a dissident movement in Thailand, the Red Shirt, told Thai Intelligence News Study Center that the movement is planning to utilize the advance mobile phone net-work known as 3G.

“The Thai Red Shirt have been using photo-copies to disseminate information to their core followers, but it is an extremely cumbersome and time consuming work. They are counting on the 3G to break the Thai elite government blockade on information flow,” said Stevenson, a Western intelligence operative who is close to the Thai Red Shirt.

Stevenson said currently, key Red Shirt cells groups have to travel long distances, in a cat and mouse game to escape the Thai government, to received the movement key papers.

“A few key cell leaders have just simply given up because of the danger and the security procedures placed on them by the leaders of the cell. But others are trying. It is a net-work waiting to fail apart on its own already and it could be disrupted by the government any-time,” said Stevenson.

He said the Red Shirt have told him of a plan to utilize the 3G network-however, he declined to disclosed the information to Thai Intelligence News Study Center.

“They asked me for some pointers, and for neutrality considerations, I tell them that the information they seek is available for research and adoption into the Thai context-but I am not involved directly. On the other hand, the Thai government intelligence apparatus have also seek assistance from friendly government-and that includes my government-and I have told my superiors to remain neutral but it is large organization and I am certain the Thai government is getting assistance from someone,” said Stevenson.

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