Analysis: If Thailand was free-Who would be the “Best” prime minister?

Would a few more Thai flags behind Abhisit solve Thailand's problems? Or does he look stupid enough with all those flags?

Blog Analysis:

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

All the talks in Thailand these days is a structural changes to the entire how Thailand is governed. But great, a major restructuring-that will please many and piss off many others.

  • But then-who should lead Thailand? Like really, who should be the Thai prime minister now?

Thai Intelligence News Study Center have been asked the question, “If Thailand was free, who would be the best Thai prime minister?” so often-this blog thinks it is time to address this popular question.

  • But first, what are the criteria?

It seems that the big issue in Thailand these days is mainly the lack of “Democratic Principles” in Thailand-I mean this is from the liberated crowd. The on the other side of the established elite rule-it is the “Lack of Character” of most of Thai politicians. Then to business people, it is a total lack of “professionalism and Effectiveness” with everything Thai politics-to the point that they have little choice but to go for the establishment-meaning at least their interest are protected by the system-however rotten it is. Then off course-there are the middle level people-like civil servants and white-collar workers-who are so sick and tired of living with an un-just double standard system that cut their chances of advancement through capabilities-like to close to “Zero.”

  • If that criteria is met-would it not bring Thailand together? I mean in a theoretical way-not about politics?

Therefore-one can say with a great deal of certainty that the solution on who should lead Thailand-falls under the category that includes-a love of Democracy, a clean character, a love of fair play and also important is an effectiveness manager.

Unfortunately, in Thai politics-which is the “Mother of all hell break loose” anyone with the above character suitable to the prime minister-will like have such as hard time surviving in. In Thai politics, it is driven by the “Love of controlling power through a forever negotiation and re-balancing.”

That obviously means-the above mentioned characters that fits the theoretical “Best” prime minister-will have to also be a “Master Politicians” or at least “Widely Respected.” So we are talking about what the Thais call, “Khao Rop” or “Respect.”

Well, Thai Intelligence News Study Center have been involved with Thai politics now-since before the coup of 2006-and in reality way back some 20 years since the days that we were just starting of our careers as journalist at like Bangkok Post, Nation, and Manager-so we have seen a lot of politicians coming and going.

  • Well, there are a few people who fits the bill-both with the opposition and with the ruling elite grouping.


With the elite grouping, undoubtedly-Trilong Suvanakeree fits the bill. The case for Trilong follows-everyone loves Trilong because of his humble and comedy like character. I mean Trilong is down right charming. He also have long proved his love of democracy and justice-to a certain level never reached with the Amart crowd. I just want to give one example. Trilong, as an economist, wants to do a great many things that goes to the heart of some of the most advance management economics text-book there ever was written. And he pushed his great vision like totally, believing that the political system would support him. It did not as Korn was there. But instead of getting pissed off-Trilong said, “What the heck, I tried and did my best.”


With the democratic crowd, undoubtedly-Chaturong fits the bill. The case for Charturong Chaisaeng follows-no one hates Chaturong because he is a highly principled man. I mean the character Charturong possesses makes the best of the people of the Amart look likes pure shit people. I just want to give one example, Charturong is the former head of the political party in the Taksin sphere of influence. Way back, that is like being branded, “A shit” by the democratic loving crowd in Thailand. But Charurong, through his lectures and speech, rose to the one of the most respected Democratic mind in Thailand. Thus Charturong has it-the character, the love of democracy and effectiveness.

  • The Problem?

The problem for both Trilong and Charturong-is in their political power base. Trilong, if he want to be the prime minister, must galvanize the support inside the Democrat party-and the higher echelon of the Amart rule of Thailand. Both will be extremely difficult for Trilong. Then Trilong must also forge a real alliance with the democratic crowd in Thailand.

The problem for Charturong is mainly gaining acceptance by the Amart rule of Thailand. Charturong has the character to get this done-but he must overcome the Amart concern about his tie into Taksin and the democratic movement. That could be accomplished, since Charturong is a highly principled man with strong morals. But the problem for Chaturong is the politics inside the Taksin and the red movement. These two political forces Charturong is sided with-is a massive powerful torrent.

  • In summary, Thai Intelligence New Center-example of who might be the best Thai prime minister-have demonstrated their capabilities-but it is the political environment that they need to muster together to support their cause.
  • Note: The order in which this blog presented Trilong and Charturong-is because this blog is red.

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