Democracy: Abhisit gets flunking grades

Blog Note: What is really sad, is that while the junta head is getting a flunking grads-about 30% said the junta head performance is “AS EXPECTED.” Now lets see, what does that mean-obviously, it means a great many Thais have no confidence in Abhisit and knew what a lousy prime minister Abhisit is. Well, what do you expect from a prime minister or junta head, that comes from a government that is set up in a military camp-as great pressure were bought onto politicians by the Thai military to support Abhisit. Like what are we talking about here-well, it is about the military selecting the Thai prime minister-off course.
The problem is, what does the military know about running a country. After the 2006 coup, the military installed a Thai prime minister. About 6 months after managing Thailand, that very popular coup, turned sour-based on the utterly poor management skill of that prime minister.

The following is from the Bangkok Post:
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was given an average 4.48 points out of 10 for his performance as head of the government over the last year and a half in a recent opinion survey, the Research Centre at Bangkok University, or Bangkok Poll, reported on Wednesday morning. This was down  0.22 points on his rating in a survey after his first year in office, according to Bangkok Poll.

On the question whether Mr Abhisit’s achievements met expectations, 30.6 per cent of the respondents said yes, 29.6 per cent of them disagreed, and 12.3 per cent said he  exceeded expectations.

The respondents gave gave 3.79 points out of ten for the government’s overall performance over the 18 months, Bangkok poll said.

Asked for their three favorite  ministries,  respondents said the Ministry of Education for its 15-year free education policy, followed by the Ministry of Finance for its policy to tackle outside the system debts of poor people, tax breaks and the offering of government savings bonds.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports took  third place for its tourism stimulus measures and sport promotions.

Asked to rate the performances of political parties, the people polled gave 4.21 points to the Democrats, 3.26 points to the other coalition partners, and 3.36 points to the opposition Puea Thai Party.

The poll involved 1,395 people from all regions and was conducted on June 17 to 20.

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