Synchronicity: Taksin’s Drug War, Human Trafficking & Red Shirt Protest

Hope Pang's cat sister escape the Siamese human trafficking sex trade

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Who become entrapped in the human trafficking trade? Well off course the poor with no way out.

What are some human trafficking business? Well off course sweat shop like factories, drug business, and prostitution.

As our readers knows, the journalist at Thai Intelligence News are mostly totally insane and thus-being in sane-we watch out for odd synchronicity like a mad dog. Thus yesterday morning, at my condo that is filled with horny foreigners and thus a never ending flow of hookers, one such hooker I know walked up to me and said can I buy her breakfast. I said OK and before you knew it she said:

“I see you around with the guys a lot and I just want to tell you that I have a 16 year old sister who I can not support anymore, and I want to sell her virginity to one of the guys around you for 5,000 baht,” said Pang.

I was in shocked and asked her why such a popular hooker, that I knew was sort of in the human sexual trafficking trade, can not support her sister anymore-and she said her husband just died 2 week ago and she has two kids to take care of now.

I was still shocked, like 2 weeks was the crackdown on the reds shirt and most hookers in Thailand are red, and so I asked if he was killed by the military and she said “No” but it was by a gang of teenagers who killed her husband while they stole the motorcycle for drugs money.

Well, I bought her breakfast and said the guys at Thai Intelligence News are into kinky sex-but I was sure non would buy a girl’s virginity just like that and put the girl into the sex trade.

Well end of story, except that latter last night-Thaibits, this blog twitter, got into a weired and odd  synchronicity with ClaraBoxy, a good Twitter friend who challenged Thaibits to write about something hot-like human trafficking or something Thaibits is interested in like Taksin.

designer drugs designs ruined lives

Well it all accumulated in this story off course-like the headline says: “Drug War, Human Trafficking and Red Shirt Protest.”

About 10 years ago, Thailand had a nasty drug problem. On TV, practically everyday with sometimes many times a day, Thai TV will report live of some drug fried out nut using a gun or a knife, who have taken a hostage, and threatening to kill the hostage in public. That was just the tip that could be seen.

All over Thailand, drugs invaded schools, families, communities and 100,000s of Thais were caught in the actual drug trafficking trade-and millions more addicted-thus in summary millions upon millions of Thais were caught in the human trafficking drug trade.

The pressure on Taksin was immense and he thus started a “Drug War.”

The drug cartels knew this time corruption would not buy them freedom and the investigations were real and sweeping-and thus they fought nasty violent battles with the police and also went cutting the link back to them.

The war went on for about a year or two and Thailand totally got rid of the drug problem as drugs just simply disappeared from the entire Thailand-and actually caused a global repercussion in Thailand was then no-longer a global conduit for illegal drugs.

Taksin was celebrated a hero and received a hero welcome by the Thais-and a whole load of global applaud.

But Taksin, is much hated by the ruling Thai elite and the casualties of the was on drugs became an issue. Kraisk, a staunch anti-Taksin and yellow shirt supporter, started it all and took this issue globally-calling Taksin a criminal killer.

The official number is that 1,600 died under suspicious circumstances, and that was it, in the drug war-and calls were made to bring Taksin under arrest for human rights abuses.

Thus a commission was set up, headed by a guy, Kanin, who latter became a yellow shirt supporter and gave anti-Taksin speech to investigate Taksin was on drugs. Kanin, off course found Taksin as violating human rights and if you winder how that entire Thai NGO community can be so against Taksin to the extent of turning a blind eye on the crackdown of the red shirt-the NGO hatred of the red shirt that Taksin supports started here.

Well the red shirt are mostly poor folks, like the many who falls under human trafficking, and in fact-about 90% of the Thai hookers in that human trafficking trade, are from the poor regions where the reds are popular and have strong support.

So the reds struggle for democracy, social justice and freedom-all key ingredients to raise the standard of the lives of the poor-and out of the human trafficking trade of various types.

Thus it could be said, really, that the reds are the biggest popular movement in Thailand’s history, to liberate the Thais from the slavery of the elite rule of Thailand. And in fact that is what it really is-the reds are called Prai by the elite rule. Prai-in modern Thai usage-is just another name for “slaves.”

The odd synchronicity continues, as yesterday, the junta government of Abhisit that just slaughtered about 88 people-appointed Kanin, “Yes” the guy who investigated Taksin war on drugs-to investigate the events in the past few months on the red protest, in what Abhisit calls: “An Independent Body” over the objection of the opposition-where the Thai press reports that Abhisit said: “I do not care about their opposition.”

The bottom line is the hooker Pang’s sister future really.

Because the Thai police now reports that the drug trade in Thailand-has returned in full force-and practically everyday now-someone is caught smuggling drugs for sale in Thailand and globally.

And the crime wave related to drugs usage-has gone up significantly-even killing Pang’s husband and putting her little sister-smack into the human traffic sexual trade.

“Re-open Taksin drug war killings case,” said Abhisit of the junta government-as the number of death in the recent crackdown approaches 100.

Hi, this is Stingray-really Tammy-this is the most fucked up crazy report I have ever read at Thai Intel and I am now totally depressed-so here is a picture of a red shirt girl to cheer up the mood:

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