Journalism: To Bangkok Post “Why the shit would anyone defend the killing of 88 people?”

Bangkok Post Group editors hands are bloody

  • by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

“Yes” the Bangkok Post Group hands are bloodied with blood of the 88 protesters killed and 1,000s more injured. And “Yes” an idiot can see the Bangkok Post rushed op-end to defend the crackdown that the media in its group had been calling for-before the crackdown.

And “Yes” the fucked up Bangkok Post saw the government estimate that about 500 protesters were expected to be killed if they fought the crackdown-but the Bangkok Post Group still went ahead and call for the crackdown.

And off course-the Bangkok Post is owned by Central and the Bangkok Bank-two staunch financiers of the elite rule of Thailand.

So, “No” there is no surprise the Bangkok Post is now trying to justify the crackdown and wash its hands clean of the blood spilled by the junta it supports.

But what on earth is the Bangkok Post doing using all sort of lame tactics and reasoning in defending the crackdown. Christ, all in all about 5 soldiers got whacked in a clear internal power struggle of the military class graduates-and a lot of the protesters who died were killed in execution style mass murder by snipers-and by now only idiots would say it is the red killing the reds or random black outfit this random black outfit that-cause if it is random-WHY THE FUCK SO MANY PROTESTERS GOT WHACKED.

Man, the Bangkok Post Group must be totally blind to the utterances of the Thai military, recorded in about 100 video clip now-that showed nothing but pure hatred towards the red protesters. Theses soldiers are the type that sits in the military barracks all day long being spoon fed all the crap about Country, King and Religion. And were then told and paid hefty-before coming to Bangkok that the reds are the enemies of Thailand.

Christ-is it any surprise at all why so many red protesters got killed like animals-even invading the god damn Thai Royal Sanctuary to do more killing.

Like what is this big justification that the economy was tanking and commerce at the heavy tourist ares was hurt and thus the red protesters needed to be gotten rid off?

Like reading the Bangkok Post group defense of the crackdown sounds liker something out of the dark ages-where people were burnt alive for refusing to warship the religious teaching of the time. In Bangkok Post Group, off course that religion is that non-life materialistic objects have the right to be bought and sold-EVEN AT THE COST OF HUMAN LIVES.

Like even the fucking Thai military that did the killing says it killed nobody-like totally avoiding defending the killing all together. But here goes insane Post-defending the crackdown.

So is that it-the big defense of the crackdown that killed 88 human beings-by the brains of the Bangkok Post Group that includes Pichai, Pattanapong, Kowit and what ever the fuck is the new editor is?

Oh, and the burning of Bangkok came after the crackdown-you bunch of shit heads. Get the event time line straight. Like, oh, burning Bangkok means killing 88 human beings before the burning is OK?

Like maybe next time the reds should just burn down shopping before the protest-to save the Bangkok Post Group editors some IQ and EQ numbers.

Like what the fuck did the protesters want? An election they will win for sure.

So OK-it is all really about saving the junta’s ass with the Bangkok Post group. So bravo-saved the junta’s ass by killing 88 human beings. But it is not the junta ass right-but just the fucking elite rule, right? So fucking killing 88 human beings to save the elite-is like OK now. And so that is why 500 estimate is OK right? Because it is the elite rule at stake here.

Now lets see, elite are rich anti-democracy and anti-freedom. The red protesters are poor bastards who wants representation. So the bottom line is-it is all about money and power right, Bangkok Post?

Give me a break Bangkok Post Group-get a fucking life, see a good shrink, grow the fuck up and try using acid to wash the blood off the hands.

Pichai hands are bloody

Pattanapong hands are bloody

Veera hands are bloody

Kowit hands are bloody

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