Analysis: Being trashed by Thais-Foreign media club holds discussion

Thailand in the Eyes of Others: Panel discussion on the foreign media
8pm Weds, June 2, 2010
(Please see pricing and reservation procedure below)

Thailand has been through some tumultuous months with scenes that have both horrified and bemused many. The world has drunk a heady cocktail of ramwongs, snipers, firebugs, rogue generals, blood-pouring rituals, live firing, burning tyres, APCs, black militia/magic/smoke, terrorism warrants, VIP prisons, dead journalists, travel advisories, Kevlar, empty streets, failed compromises, broken deadlines, government statements, razor wire, outraged letters to the editor, burnt-out buildings and disputed body counts.

Without doubt, this has been a story that every one of us might mix a little differently – and perhaps not even with all the same ingredients. Much has been reported, said and written – and a great deal has also been argued about what was or was not reported, said and written. It goes without saying that every individual’s perception of events is framed by what they know (or think they know), and where they were at any given time. When events move quickly and possibly disastrously, perceptions and reality may diverge dramatically. Did this happen here?

The FCCT is pleased to welcome an expert Thai panel to offer some insights into their land and how they feel it has recently been presented:

– Dr Sumet Jumsai – Architect, artist and social commentator

– Kraisak Choonhavan – Deputy Chairman of the Democrat Party, former senator and expert in foreign relations

– Pana Janviroj – Chief Operating Officer of the Nation Group

– Somtow Sucharitkul – Composer, author and social commentator

Pricing Details:
Members: No cover charge, buffet dinner is 350 baht
Non-members: 300 baht cover charge without buffet dinner or 650 baht for buffet dinner including cover charge

Reservations: To ensure sufficient food for the buffet, we would greatly appreciate your making a buffet reservation at least one day before the program if you plan to join us for the dinner. (No penalty for cancellation if last minute conflicts arise.) Please also note that tables/seats will be reserved only for those with advance buffet bookings. To reserve, please call 02-652-0580-1 or click here to send an e-mail to .

Hi, this is Tammy, a member of the club, but sorry I rather stick a cucumber up ass than be caught in the same room with Kraisak and the Nation-so NO GO-for sure.

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