“Burma will have democracy and freedom before Thailand,” Burmese dissident

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Last moth as Thailand civil war was about to erupt, I got a new job with a global level NGO to work with Burmese minorities in camps along the Thai Burmese border.

Lots of Burmese dissident with long track record of fighting against dictatorship there.

And the following report is based, not on my analysis, but how the dissident view Thailand.

Burma will have democracy before Thailand as it is the people against the dictatorship. But for Thailand, it is the people against the people as the foundation. Then it is the pro-democracy people against the puppet of the dictator. Then after that it is the military control. And finally it is the Thai royalism that completes the loop back to the anti-democracy people,” said Nang, the wife of a Burmese insurgent.

I thought about what Nang said for days-as the red shirt protested in Bangkok-and I told all the journalist at Thai Intelligence News-that it would be a miracle if the red shirt won democracy and freedom to Thailand.

I also told them to prepare themselves mentally for a defeat-and if you wonder how this blog can be so relaxed about it all-it is because we saw it coming for miles.

The problems for Thailand is very complex-and it is now an under-ground war-as indicated by a few Thai students leaders who are being targeted have all but went under-ground.

Since Thai Intelligence News have been covering the Thai Students Association for years now-I asked one of these student I know about his plans-and he said the following:

“Some of my friends are forming cells to keep fighting, but they are not soldiers and they are mostly peaceful in nature and so to join the Revolutionaries are kind of difficult, but they are seeking a way out of Thailand to form a global movement-along the movement on Burma in the UK.”

I have thought about a resistance model to fit the dictatorship structure in Thailand-but I have given up. They say there is a way to destroy all evil if god gave you the ability-but in Thailand case-it is pure hope for now and the right medicine would probably comes later.

But I am starting to agree-that the new democratic and freedom powerhouse of ASEAN would probably be Burma before Thailand.

And perhaps one day-Burma will be housing Thai dissidents.

Hi, this is Stingray-GOOD FORMULA VS BAD FORMULA, GOOD FORMULA VS BAD FORMULA AND GOOD FORMULA VS BAD FORMULA-all this talk about formula-makes me think about FORMULA 1  Racing. And it looks like the Burmese Ferrari Democratic team, is beating the Thailand Mercedes Democratic team.

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