Analysis: In answering-why so many hate dad?

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist


“I do not understand why they hate me because what have I done to them,” are the words from dad that makes most Thai royalist fall into tears.

And those words have resulted in the famous: “Thailand belongs to dad. And if you do not love dad-leave dad home.”

And the most recent words from the other side are: “Why did dad let us die and not stop the killing.”

How did Thailand ever got here-and as a former royalist-who now teeters between being a republican and a UK or Japan system of Royalism-I do not have a clue.

So all I can tell our readers is that I once love both dad, mom and their children-but today-I love non of them-so this will be a short history of how I became a republican.

Do not get confused-I accept the UK or the Japan system of Royalism-because many loves dad and his family-and it will not be fair if I took their love away.

For me, I used to love both democracy and dad family-and I fought a nasty deep internal struggle-and never was willing to do what the yellow did and that is to abandoned democracy for dad. And as I saw some red abandon dad for democracy-as red as I am-I also refuse to abandon dad.

But what changed it all to me-that ignite it all-really has nothing to do with dad or democracy at all-but with Thai farmers.

I studied Thai farmers and found that sufficiency is noble-but a wrong dream. How can one rationalized subsistence life for farmers-when farmers in other Asian countries are doing so well?

Then I began to wonder-why the Thai Royalist are just so after money and power-with so little seance of sufficiency. Then one day-I got angry when I heard a Royalist say she has so many diamonds-but it is sufficiency for her to have them-because she could have more.

It seem very unfair-then I noticed the councils playing politics-pulling strings and then news of how corrupt they were for money. Adding political power they hunger-I saw that dad kept a great many un-ethical and not moral people as his advisers.

Yet I still love dad and his family-at that point-and I can still rationalized my love-but there were then many serious questions in my mind.

My commitment then was for a UK or Japan system of Thai Royalism-to get rid of the councils and keep loving dad as a special person-above it all as a symbol to be pure for cherishing.

Then I have always been an odd one in loving dad son-and think he would be great like dad. Bu one day, I began tuning my back on the family-when the son photographer was fired for going to take photos of the red protest.

To me, the red is about democracy-and the firing of the photographer made me realized how childish I was to expect the UK or Japan system. That firing is like dad killing democracy to me.

Yet I still loved dad. But as dad favorite children the yellow shirt began calling for murder of red shirt-and dad did nothing-it really hurt me greatly.

Then as the reds start to really get killed-again and again-I lost all my love to dad.

No, I do not hate dad-but I pity him-to have lost so many children-and with everything-still has the nerves to ask why does his children like me-do not love him.


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