Journalism: UDD blocked site gets over a million hits last month

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

I have a confession to make-a red IT specialist set up my laptop computer so I can see anything-blocked live coverage of the red stage at Rajprasong, People TV, Prachathai-you name it-I can see it.

But my confession is-I never follow any of them at all-even when I am so red-if you get in bed with me-you will ask me, even before we do it, why is you know where is just so red?

But I do not follow them-not because I am not interested-but because I am addicted to people like Jon Russel-who keeps freaking me out with stuff that is just so cutting edge important.

It is not just Jon-but people like Jotman, Bangkok Pundit, Naganadeleg, GJ BKK, New Mandala-and hell I am sorry I can not spell them all out for you.

Like I am just so sick and tired of all the propaganda and information blockade in Thailand-even spreading globally like with You Tube, Facebook and Twitter-and then wholla-AMAZING FACT.

The AMAZING FACT today comes from Jon Rusel-accessible on the sidebar of this blog-and he just dug in to fine that a pro UDD site-put together in seconds-just got about 1 million hits in the past month alone.

Christ-there are a shit load of other blocked red sites like Thai-E News-and hell, I will not be surprise that it is even getting more hits than before it was blocked-and we are talking millions here in a month too.

What Jon said-and I am going to argue with Jon here-is that most of that 1 million hits of the UDD pro site-is probably global hit-except if you have a AVN, PVN or something like that.

I really just want Jon to consider this-and that is the friend who spent only about 10 minutes setting up my laptop to see anything-tells me the following: “70% of the IT people in Thailand are pro-red because they work with the information system and they know an open system is the future.”

I just have one regret really, the IT specialist who set up my laptop-really should have did it for someone else-because-like I say-I never hit them at all.


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