Politics: More and more Thes are Enlightened to the Thai situation

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

As I sat today, far away from it all on my little corner of the beach, I thought about a group of Thai house wives got together to eat together-sort of like a pot luck American thing-but in the Thai way. It was one of my first encounter with the upper middle class Thais-who are stuck in their multi-million baht condo in Bangkok for the past few days-that is before I said I had it and took off running to the beach.

I was profoundly shocked-by just what they know and how informed they are. I was expecting a bunch of TV news addicted group of insane reactionary housewives.

  • But I was wrong-deadly wrong.

It is not a big surprise-in Thailand-where the national pass time is gossip-to have a major sub-system information system going that is not internet or mass media related-going on. And in a country where net-work is king-they truly have friends all over the place.

I am not going to come out and tell our readers what they said-mainly because I will get zapped for lese majeste in a second-if not killed outright by the military. But to sum up this group of house wives-they literally do not respect things that normally are respected in Thailand anymore-and they literaly hate the Democrat Party-for all the lies, spinning and public relations efforts going on.

  • There seems to be a real clash going on-between what the informal information system is talkning about-and all the lies and propaganda on TV.

I really do not know if this group represents the typical average house wives of well to do family of not.

But they are very Thai in culture and heritage however and seem very normal-and one said to me, “the reds will fail for sure.” But they seem to understand it all-all of the behind the scene stuff-heard from tens of people who are close to them-and they are not red or any color really-just concerned and well informed Thais-who does not hate the red shirt at all.

That takes me to one of my real objective of writing this article-and that is what is going on today-is really re-defining a great many things to everyone. I suspect, CRES people, the Democrat Party, Anupong, Prayuth, Prem and all-have also been re-defined in this struggle in Thailand.

One of my best girl friend is the older sister of a rising star of the Democrat Party-and we talk and she knows of Thai Inteligence News-and after it all-she just says her brother is “Just” doing his duty as it is assigned to him. But then when we talk-even about people like Jae Nee-she knows it all.

  • And that is the problem really-the word “Duty.”

It seems like the orders to kill comes from somewhere-that by now everyone knows where it is from-and everyone below, just follows their duty in carrying out that order.

Today, many of Thailand’s retired military generals have a drive going on to call the military to quit killing people-and in this story context-it is in fact lese majeste-because it is about not serving their duty.

Even my favorate, today sent water and food to Chula Hospital-since the roads are cut off and yet clearly, the military is letting cars with food pass into Chula. But there you go-another symbol of Thailand sending in food and water to Chula-when Greenpeace is trying to sen water to elderly and women protesters who are carved off the map at Rajprasong.

  • Things like what this favorite of mine is doing-is being talked about and realized for perhaps the first time in Thailand.It is getting very crystal clear for many.

Most of the house-wives here says it pretty simply, that they have no more hope for a better Thailand and in that institution any-longer.

They are enlightened to the truth and facts-and yet they do their duty to their husbands-many in government services-but they know and they can feel it in their heart what is right and wrong. Some of them say it is the same thing with their husbands-just trying to make money for the family. But they say their husbands knows of the truth also and feel sorry for the reds.

  • But their duty prevents them.

I want to sum it all up-by Tick, who said, “Jae Nee, is destroying the house…..But will I go to jail for saying that.” I just wonder really-if the rich and well to do Thais knows and the poor are now wise-who is there really left to love the house? Just people doing their duty is a long way from love.

Like guess who said this: “Just kill or hurt them all and I will pay for the bill.”


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