Red Shirts: Breaking! Assasination attempt on Chartuporn

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

We just got report that three bullets were fired onto Chatuporn, a key red shirt protest leader, as he spoke on the red shirt stage.

The bullet is said to be a high caliber from a sniper rifle-on top of one of the tall buildings surrounding the Ratprasong area. We have no information if the bullets hit him, but he did not fall-as the mike exploded into bits as one bullet hit it and may have saved his life.

The guards immediately covered Chatuporn to the ground-and started to shine spotlights to the top of buildings. The incident took place after explosions and smoke granade went off at the back of the stage.

The red shirt leaders comprises of Vera, Chatuporn and Nattawut.

Vera, who wants negotiation and reconciliation, is ill and has not been on stage for quite some time-leaving Chartuporn and Nattawut to manage the red protest.

Chatuporn and Nuttawut both share similar views on the red protest-being to fight on. But the assassination attempt may have changed the picture.

Please note that all of the above is not confirmed news and is breaking-and we have no way of checking the information.

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