Analysis: CIA or MI5 Tapped Taksin Phone for Thai junta?

Sorry Suthep cat, your revaluations are child's play

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

  • Thai Government Admits:

For the past few days, Thai prime minister Abhisit’s deputy prime minister in charged of security, have been making several statements linking fairly explicitly, that the CIA and MI5 is helping out the Thai government.

Today is the latest that western intelligence operatives in Thailand have tapped Taksin phone calls-as the following Bangkok Post story imply that a  tape of Taksin phone conversation ordering violence is on record.

  • Thai US Relation Meet Axed:

Perhaps relating to this story, is that Obama’s specialist on Asia Pacific policy, had canceled his trip to give a speech in Thailand, today, on Thai US relations.

The implication is also that-the Thai military-to which the Abhisit government serves-have not come out and use this evidence to legitimize a crack-down on the Red Shirt.

  • Obama Criticized:

Obama had been strongly criticized openly by many Thais and some foreigners, such as this blog, for the administration insensitivity towards Thailand. Jai Ungparkorn, posted on Thai E-News and many other blogs that gets massive hits-exposing the US position on the human rights condition in Thailand as “Tainted in favor of the Ammart rule of Thailand.”

  • Actively Involved in Thai Politics:

What is interesting in these Thai revaluations, is that Taksin was “Branded a Traitor” of Thailand-with the Yellow Shirt that supports the Ammart publishing picture of Taksin and Bush Cuddling together-as being a lackey of former US president Bush. In fact, Taksin was criticized for allowing the CIA to conduct activities in Thailand relating to terrorist in Thailand’s deep south.

Here lies evidence, straight from the horses mouth, that foreign intelligence operatives-are directly involved in Thai internal affairs-but this is now acceptable.

  • Free Wheeling Ways:

The problem off course, is that CIA operatives, especially the bureau head-such as a former CIA Bureau Head in Thailand-operates with a great deal in a non-controlled fashion.

If this blog is not mistaken, one former Thailand Bureau head-in going after a high level Thai politician drugs activity-ended up being involved in the drug trade and arms trade himself-as a way of penetrating the net-work. A string of cover companies throughout Asia emerged. But those activities never ceased. These allegations never were proved-but have been written about greatly and these writings can still be found on the internet.

  • Can Never be Trusted:

But what is more dangerous-with intelligence operatives however, is that they are very mission oriented. And this blog wants to warn the Abhisit government that the interest of foreign intelligence operatives, always ultimately is in serving their countries.

Such as tape, can very easily be created by the CIA’s technology and will be 100% authenticate-but this also implies, that anyone, who is wiling to pay, can also create any conversation tape-that a backward country like Thailand will never be able to authenticate.

  • Thai Intelligence Apparatus Weary:

The implication is critical-meaning this relates to evidence that supports policy and operational moves.

But how cynical are they? One example, is that latest intelligence news,  coming out of Laos-is that independent public observations of the Hmong people who went to war with the CIA in Laos way back and now repatriated back into Laos-is still not allowed. Then the mysterious arms catch in Bangkok a while back, must have been interesting and reveling.

While this blog is part of the Red Shirt movement, we do have contact with a wide range of intelligence contacts-on a very personal basis. And we just want to tell the Abhisit government, that the Thai intelligence apparatus, is very well aware of all of the above in this little report-and that fundamentally-they are guarded against foreign intelligence operatives.

  • Tammy’s Secret that the CIA and MI5 “Do Not Know”

OK, I have read all of the above. Impressive and the CIA and the MI5 probably thinks it knows of all the secret in the world. But I know of something very secretive-from an intelligence unit with better skill than even the best at the CIA or the MI5.

I went to Isreal and met a guy. He was hot for me but I found him boring-like too analytical, calculated and measured. So the game was on to impress little sexy me. Finally, he said something interesting. And that he was a Mossad  agent-and he told of some very important secrets.

He said, outskirts of Tel Aviv, there is a major training base for Mossad agents. And he told me they threw lots of very wild parties at the pool-and we are talking about multiple-people-sexual activities here-all in the open type of thing here.

What followed is definitely classified-but lets just say I got a glimpse of a Mossad training base-from the inside-that is as much attention I could divert away from you know what I was doing.

My advice to Suthep is to hang out with Mossad agents-and dump the CIA and MI5. Apart from having more fun-they really knows all the secrets.

Confirmation about the secret base and what goes on? Do your own homework.

The following is from the Bangkok Post

The grenade attack at a battalion compound on Monday afternoon was not unexpected, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of security affairs Suthep Thaugsuban said on Tuesday.

Six M-79 grenades were fired at the 1st Infantry Regiment which houses army chief Anupong Paojinda’s military residence. Two soldiers were injured.

Army specialist Khattiya “Seh Daeng” Sawasdiphol, who is a supporter of the anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, denied any involvement in the attack.

Mr Suthep said the government had been warned by other countries about potential violence during the mass red-shirt rally.

“Our ally countries , including the United States of America, have tapped the phone conversations between former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and red-shirt leaders.

“They have warned us about potential violence by the pro-Thaksin groups,” the deputy premier said.

He said there were other groups of people besides Seh Daeng that supported Thaksin and wanted to please him.

Mr Suthep said he did not want to travel to Government House at this time as it could provoke the red-shirt protesters.

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