Thai Culture: Research says the Richest Thai Families use Kid Marraiges to get Richer

Rich Siamese cats kid do not know what love is

  • by Pooky, this blog economics journalist

Well for anyone who had been doing business in Thailand for a long time-they know that in Thailand, it is “Connection” that really counts.

So there is very little surprise, when a French University did a 3 years research on the subject in Thailand, and found that Thailand’s 30 richest families, are using their kid marriages to make high level connections.

  • There are “Critical” economic and democratic implications.

The research found 3 types of laying down the connection-first, rich family kids married other rich family’s kids; then second, rich family kids married key political family’s kids; and thirdly, rich family kids, married senior civil servant’s kids.

One Thai university social science lecturer, told Matichon, who broke the story, that “My research found that many high-society marriages are not based on love, but for money. My research found that many end up in divorce after their usefulness for the contact no longer is needed. For most of the part, high society marriages are seldom happy marriages.”

The Chulalongkorn University recently produce a highly controversial research, that found that about 60% of Thailand’s total wealth, minus what foreigners owned in Thailand, belonged to a net-work of about 20 Thai families-and this includes stock, cash and property.

Critical implications

  • From an economic development standpoint, that expanding net-work, apart from producing a bunching of competitive advantage into the hands of a very few, and this also indicates to the type of corruption Thailand is faced with. The “Distinction” and “Separation” of power, now, between senior civil servants, politicians and wealthy individuals, is very little.
  • The implication to democratic development is critical, as this net-work is the core of the Amart system-that exerts un-constitutional power over the Thai political system. The result is a weak democratic process.

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