Justice: Thai NGO question Transparency International

Looks like Transparency cat is also corrupt

  • By Pooky, this blog economics journalist

A Thai NGO working to help stop corruption in the Thai public sector said there appears to be an “Intentional Policy Corruption” at the planned Transparency International global level meet in Thailand, towards the end of the year.

Chai, the Thai NGO said the following: “I was told that the Thailand agenda does not include addressing public sector corruption and given level of public sector corruption in Thailand, this is nothing but a Thai government attempt to black-out the issue that may embarrass Thailand,” said Chai.

According to Chai, Transparency International was impressed with the Thai government’s “Prepping of the Environment” for the planned global meet.

According to Chai, the Thai government is:

  • Spending billions to create 100,000s of Thai whistle blowers to warn the government of corruption.
  • Building up the Thai prime minister Abhisit as clean and serious about fighting corruption.
  • Promoting Thai corruption fighting bodies to international organizations, through increased global meet attendance.

“Public sector corruption in Thailand is a major issue, with new corruption cases being exposed practically everyday. This is very much the same globally. And for Transparency International not to touch the subject when in Thailand-that is clearly policy corruption,” said Chai.

Transparency international is holding a join civil society, government, and business leaders from November 10 – 13, 2010, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The IACC, first held in 1983, has evolved into the leading global forum on governance and anti-corruption. The conference fosters cooperation and innovation in developing tools to tackle corruption, a scourge that continues to trap millions in a vicious cycle of poverty and threatens sustainable development. The conference brings together more than 1,500 participants from over 135 countries, including heads of state, academics, compliance experts, civil society, business and government representatives.

Pooky’s Note:

I would like to just point out to Transparancy International that most observer on Thailand, with objectivity and neutrality, have concluded quite a while back now, that the Thai anti-corruption body has a double standard, namely a political agenda. I would also like to point out that the Thai anti-corruption body on elections, again, is seen by observers as having a double standard. Lastly, I would also like to point out to Transparency International, that the exposure of corruption in Thailand currently, relates to “Power Play” for political objectives.

  • All of the about are extremely “Corrupt Practices” by the Thai ruling-class-which arguably, controls Thailand entire law enforcement and judiciary process.

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