Politics: Bangkok’s Violent Sport of Demolition Derby & Building Demolition

Frankly my dear Siamese cat, I don't give a damn anymore

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

A few weeks ago, a Thai Senator warned the government of Abhisit, that its controlled state media was inciting a great deal of “Hate” in Thailand.

That is because on one side, are those who feels they are being trashed “un-fairly” all the time by the government. And on the other side, are those who feel that those who opposes the government deserves and needs a trashing.

For the past few days, it seems that all the “Hate” in Thailand, is coming up to the surface.

Twice in a single day, the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, motorcade was rammed into by those who “Hates” the government. Then someone fired a rocket grenade, aimed at the Government House-missing it and exploded when rammed into a nearby building. Then a very big time bomb, at the court house, was defused.

In a few weeks, most of the Thai people who hates the government, that can make the trip, will go on a massive protest of the government. Many observers, says that violence is a certainty.

The sheer level of “Hate” both sides have for the other, is very troublesome and dangerous.

Literally speaking, the government can kill a great many of those who will protest in the near future, and those who supports the government will not give a damn. And also, those against the government, can burn down Bangkok, and they would not give a damn as well.

If you think all that “Hate” will evaporate away, by whatever happens in the next few weeks, think again. The “Hate” in Thailand will go one way only, and that is up and up and up.

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