Red Shirts Focus: Global Red Shirt Forms Alliance: Thais World-wide Gain Voice

Global Red Shirt cats rock

  • By Frank, this blog political journalist

The Red Shirt USA group have been organizing a coordinated global Red Shirt movement that have succeeded in bringing together Red Shirts in 19 countries.

“There are some issues that the Red Shirt in Thailand can not tackle, because or laws and regulations in Thailand, but these issues will be dealt with on the international level,” said a Red Shirt USA statement.

“Thailand’s development towards democracy and social-justice is greatly underdeveloped and most of us global Red Shirt have the experience of what it is like to live in advance democratic society. Thus we believe it is our duty to help the Red Shirt in Thailand reach their objective,” said a Red Shirt USA statement.

Globally, the Red Shirt movement in each country had been active, targeting namely Thai embassies abroad.

However, the global Red Shirt movement, according to earlier statements, is expected begin targeting Thai corporations global operations that supports the class system rule in Thailand. There have been talks now for a long time about protesting European supermarkets that sells CP chicken.

The Red Shirt in the UK, for example protested the Thai Embassy in London, with anti-dictatorship messages. The latest is in exposing the Thai Embassy in the UK for staging a seminar, packed with speakers who support the Thai class system of Amart rule, that invited the UK press and leading scholars to attend.

Another effort, by the the Red Shirt USA movement, was to send about 5 Red Shirt Thais, skilled with American style election campaigning, to assist in campaigning in a close election for the Puey Thai Party that supports the Red Shirt. In that election, the Puey Thai party won by only 1,000 votes-and many said the Red Shirt USA strategy of going door to door, as it is done in the US in close elections, to visits votes, made the differences in winning that election.

The contact point is:

The global movement have some “Challenging Communications” barriers to bridge. Most of the Thai Red Shirt globally, are highly tribal, mostly calling themselves clubs-where there is a strong “Personality Based” social-network, involved. In the UK for example, the Red Shirt movement nearly split-ed apart, from personality conflict.

There have been a running call for this type of a global Red Shirt governing body for quite some time-as Thai Intelligence News had earlier reported. There have been a few names mentioned to head the global movement. The structure of the global coordinating body had also been hotly debated.

  • Many Red Shirt clubs globally had went to visit Taksin in the Middle East. The French Red Shirt club, told this blog that Taksin encouraged them to form a united body of Global Red Shirt. “Taksin told us that united we stand, divided we fall. And such a movement will give a strong voice to the Thai community globally, whatever the situation maybe in Thailand.”

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