Journalism: Abhisit’s Answer “In-the-pocket” Journalist TV Show

Just another twist to Siamese cat propaganda machine

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Abhisit’s Sunday solo talk show had been tanking to bare minimum interest according to ratings. So to shake things up and get some interest, Abhisit is changing the structure to be a “Meet the Press” and answer journalist questions.

According to the government head of propaganda, that this blog do not care enough about to remember his name, a group of about 20-30 journalist have been selected, based on their registration with the Thai journalist association.

These journalist will question Abhisit in a taped interview, and then broadcast on Sunday.

“Yes” the first reaction of this blog is similar to most of you, like judging by how the Thai press had been on a long-term Abhisit boosting, how critical will the questions be?

Like just look at the Thai press for the past few days on the secret money to the Red Shirt. Just words from Abhisit and the propaganda machine of the government, that, “There is really secret money going to the Red Shirt.” And what do the Thai press do?

Off course run full tilt with the accusations-proved and justified with Thai alphabets, like “ฌ” and “พ” and about five others of the alleged names that are involved. Asked for prof by the Red Shirt, what does the press do-reports that the government had ordered the Thai FBI to investigate the issue.

Only Thai Rath came close to asking, “Where is the beef?”

So much for critical thinking, from the idiotic slave to the Amart, mainstream Thai press.

Again, “Yes” to our readers second reaction, Abhisit is just planning to feed the journalist at the “Meet the Press” more information that they can run with in hitting the Red Shirt and Taksin with.

And again, “Yes” to our readers, Abhisit solo had tanked so badly, even the Abhisit ass kissing journalist do not report on what he says on Sunday anymore, and so this is just to “Re-galvanize of journalist interest.”

Does Abhisit plan to meet the Red Shirt press?

Well, actually, most of the Red Shirt press are called “Fake Press” by the mainstream Thai press and are kept out of the Thai press association. And as Abhisit goes on trying to stop community radio that leans towards the Red Shirt, guess what, at the “Meet the Press” there will be pro-government radios stations.

  • Ask yourself, how funny it is, for the likes of Bangkok Post, Nation, Manager and Matichon-to be asking and reporting critically on Abhisit?

Just a reminder that a few days ago, a Thai Senator, just warned the Abhsit government TV propaganda arm, that the stations “One Sided” reports, is inciting a great deal of “Hate” in the Thai society-that takes the Thai society towards a bi-polar situation.

So “Yes” your conclusion is the same as Thai Intelligence News, this is nothing more than an opportunity to “Fine Tune” Abhisit’s propaganda machine. Look to read a great deal about the Sunday “Meet the Press” answers and question in all the mainstream Thai press.

  • Abhisit and the Amart wins again, off course.

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