Globalization: Foreigners Debate Rural Thais Feeling but “Ground Control to Major Tom”

Like I give a shit what the head of the FCCT thinks

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

There are actually very expensive classes in Thailand that teaches foreigners here how to bridge the “Thai and Western Cultural Gap.” So many foreigners come to Bangkok and say that for the first month, they don’t know what is going on around them at all.

But apparently, a debate is going on how rural Thai feels.

Well there is a really nasty debate going on at Teakroom forum board. The significance is that the Red Shirt had been active in the rural area-planning to galvanize them into a major protest all across Thailand. So some got curious and went to investigate the rural Thais feeling about things.

So apparently, a freaked out Abhisit ass kissing foreigner head of the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand, did just that-and wrote an article about “Simmering anger in the rural area in Thailand” at the upper-crust rule of Thailand.

So a big chunk of Bangkok’s foreign community is on the case.

  • One foreigner said the rural Thais will not understand democracy if they were bit in the ass by democracy. Another said the rural Thais are being paid money by Taksin. Another foreigner said the rural Thais are under-educated and stupid. Then there are a few who went defending the rural Thais, saying they are good friendly people. The list goes on for god knows how many pages and how many opinion.

I must confess, I do not know anything about the rural Thais-and for any foreigner like that freaked out foreign journalist to go and spend a few days with the rural Thais and say “What is What” is just totally ridiculous.

But if some foreigner were to really want to know how a rural Thai think and feel about things, where is the best place to go?

Obviously, to Soi Cowboy. There you not only get to talk to loads of girls who comes from E-Sarn, a major rural area of Thailand, but you actually get to talk to loads of Joe foreigner who have actually lived with one of those girls and many actually have a house right in the middle of rural Thailand.

Well since there is a lot of guys at this blog who calls Soi Cowboy homes-I went and asked them what are their impression about rural Thailand people-in their deciphering the subject from people who knows.

The following are what the guys here at Thai Intelligence News said about their impression of rural Thailand:

  • The rural Thais hate the self-centered and self-serving people of Bangkok for centuries.
  • Before Taksin came along, literally speaking, no government of Bangkok ever gave a shit about rural Thailand.
  • Taksin came out with his brand of populus policies, that actually benefited the rural poor-in ways the Thais say, “Can be Touched.”
  • The rural Thais are a close knitted family and community connected bunch that values trust, friendship and loyalty.
  • The rural Thais see for the first time, in Thailand’s history, that they have the power to get things done for their interest, through politics in a democratic system.

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