Thai Culture: Depression Hits Millions of Thai with “Bi-Polar” Warned

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  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The most recent research on the mental state of the Thais, says 1 in 3 Thais are depressed because of politics.

  • And as a solution to the depression, the Thai psychologist association, are starting a campaign to get Thais to stop following political news, avoid political discussions and turn to non-political related hobbies in the free times.

The latest research confirms earlier polls that found most Thais are not happy about Thai politics.

The massive number of depressed Thais follows a string of news Thai Intelligence News had reported on-including news that a historical record numbers of Thais are seeking psychological help, that suicide rate in Thailand had doubled in recent years, and that legal drugs such as anti-depressant and anti-headache remedies are the biggest selling drugs in Thailand.

Several recent Thai polls on politics also indicates that most Thais “Will Not Vote” for the current government of Thai prime minister, Abhisit. Most Thai political observer, said this is a strong indication of “Hate” and “Rejection.”

At Thai Rath, a mass circulated daily, it recently stated, “There are people who hate Taksin in Thailand, but you got to be frank, that there are a great deal more, who loves Taksin.”

If you are new to Thailand, Taksin represents the forces of democracy and liberty in Thailand and he is going all out against the Amart or upper-crust rule of Thailand-in a very prolonged political war in Thailand.

Thailand Political Prisoner Blog, had earlier reported on “A Trend” in Thailand, to censor out political news from government controlled media. In fact, most government control news have cut their political coverage to the minimum-supplementing the news with a great deal of gibberish.

Meanwhile, on what news there is left, a Thai Senator recently warned the government of Abhisit that the government controlled media, is inciting so much one sided hate-based reports, that it was:

  • Polarizing Thailand into a “Bi-Polar” society.

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