Politics: Up-Coming Protest & When the “Shit Hits the Fan” in Thailand

Maybe cute cat me should really go to this protest with a backpack for long stay

Blog Note: Normally, Thai Intelligence News gives our readers an analysis and a bottom-line. However, in this case, we think it is critical for our readers to make the analysis and come up with the bottom-line. We are interested in hearing of your analysis and bottom-line.

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

  • Intelligence: The decision on nationalizing of Taksin asset is coming up and whatever the judgment is, is expected to have an impact on the Red Shirt near-term, medium-term, and long-term activities
  • Intelligence: Many other very high-profile and politically critical judgment, against the anti-Taksin forces, have recently, been delayed away from this time of expected Red Shirt activities
  • Intelligence: If the Red Shirt protest “Looks to Get out of Hand” several law for emergency will be declared at those locations involved, says government
  • Intelligence: Under various emergency decree in Thailand, that gives the government the right to disperse the crowd, by any means, with not legal trace-back
  • Intelligence: Government to set up check-points, to screen protesters, with those prone to violence stopped from going to the protest, and peaceful protesters allowed to pass
  • Intelligence: Government had sent intelligence operatives inside the Red Shirt movement, to pin-point violence prone protesters
  • Intelligence: Government set-up a center to follow Red Shirt protest activities on a 24 hour basis, particularly in about 30 Thai provinces-and Bangkok
  • Intelligence: Government says Red Shirt protesters must not infringe on other Thais rights to normal life
  • Intelligence: Red Shirt plans prolonged protest, scattered all over Thailand
  • Intelligence: Government threatens Puey Thai Party of dissolution, if it gets involved in helping Red Shirt raise protesters
  • Intelligence: Red Shirt protesters to number between 200,000-600,000 Thailand wide, according to latest estimates, by government security people
  • Intelligence: Thai police, backed up by the military, and un-known volunteers, are being grouped to handle the Red Shirt protesters
  • Intelligence: Red Shirt secretive about how to respond to government use of violence
  • Intelligence: Government designate, arrested protesters holding points, throughout Thailand, with Bangkok’s holding point un-decided
  • Intelligence: Most recent poll says most Thais will not vote for the the Democrat Party that leads the current government
  • Intelligence: Prayuth, the extremist radical future Thai army chief, is in total control of how to deal with red Shirt protesters
  • Intelligence: Red Shirt hawk fraction leaders, Panlop and Sea Daeng, says they are not involved in anything that will occur
  • Intelligence: Many Red Shirt are prepared for a Molotov Cocktail campaign, in responding to government initiated violence
  • Intelligence: Unconfirmed reports says Red Shirt extremist have access to military arms
  • Intelligence: Recent Red Shirt protest were peaceful and the Thai government have told tourist and investors that there is nothing to worry about
  • Intelligence: The Thai government have allocated massive amount of funds to various units to prepare for the up-coming Red Shirt protest
  • Intelligence: Government coalition parties say they will stick with the government to fight “Outside Forces”
  • Intelligence: Government media prepared for a co-ordinate, massive, propaganda campaign
  • Intelligence: The government says ultimate decision on how to deal with Red Shirt protesters, out-side of Bangkok, is up to the provincial governors, who just got allocated a massive amount of money today for the provincial governor CEO Taksin initiated program

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