Globalization: Israel & Germany the Centers of Global Storms?

Looks like a black and blue globe for cute cat me

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist-with input from Stingray and Pooky

Well sorry I went off the track with the Israel cheese story, but back to more serious situations-looks like Israel and Germany are now at the center of two global storms brewing.

  • Israel Center of a New Middle East Storm?

First the Washington Post just has a news alert that Iran had succeeded in enriching uranium by 20% through a new physics process that is very easy. Off course, Israel has a track record going way back of preempting situations deemed dangerous to Israel’s existence. Like it went and assassinate one of the globe’s best artillery developer who was helping Iraq way back, and it also did in fact, bombed nuclear reactors before.

What is holding back Israel at this point, is pressure from Washington DC, reasoning with Israel that the International Atomic Energy Commission, can handle the situation in Iran and bring it back to negotiation table-with off course the hope that internal politics inside Iran will turn to favor the west’s interest.

But it looks real bad now, because the Atomic Commission, in fact was observing Iran do the 20% enrichment, right when the international community is against the 20% enrichment. So perhaps, the Israel are getting pretty close to their limits, and will again go preëmptive.

  • Germany Center of a Euro Zone Storm?

The european zone economies are show signs of coming to pieces because of public debt load, at a time global recovery is fragile and the financial markets ran up a crazy reckless storm and now on very shaky grounds.

The ECB or European central bank is stepping in. But Strat Four, just reported that the bottom-line in Europe is not the ECB, but Germany-particularly how much Germany can help, because simply, there is no-one left in the Euro zone with the muscle to make a difference.

Strat Four went deep into Germany’s position to help the Euro Zone economies on all levels and issues-but this blog just want to add that while the industrial sector of Germany is recovering moderately, the service sector of the German economy actually went South for the past 4-5 months, and this indicates some type of a weakness.

  • Thai Intelligence News has a strategy of existing on the cutting edge between reality and the un-real. That is to say, we are not trying to alarm you, but one of the best management book says, “Only the Paranoia Survives.” So Thai Intelligence News do the paranoia for our readers-so our readers will survive.

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