Journalism: CP’s True Cable TV “Laying Down the Rationale for Dictatorship Again”

CP is a lost Siamese cat with lost leaders

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

CP’s True cable TV, just ran a program run by some cutting-edge Thai professor regular there, who just said that leaders of of a company or countries, to be democratic or to be dictatorial-depends on what the situation requires.

  • “If democracy leade to great a great division of opinion, and in-decisiveness, the leader must be dictatorial,” said the professor, showing all sorts of charts and graphs.

“Just look at Thai politics right now,” said the professor.

About 5 years ago, in the UK, the world’s biggest public relations and advertising company globally, saw several years of down years-and the company said it needed a new global head to drive the company into a new direction.

  • That UK company, went for one of the most creative person on the global level it could find. Many, in the industry, warned the company that the chosen one, was totally “Outside the box” and verges on being a “total lunatic.” But the board of directors did not budge, saying that the company had lost so many critical and big clients-to smaller more creative companies-if nothing was done, the company will be wiped out in the near future.

Indeed, the new chosen one was a total lunatic. In his first meting with his top creative talents, the whole bunch of them went destroying all the furniture in the office together, “trashing the entire office like a bunch of rock stars in hotel rooms.”

  • The board of directors did not say a word. Only a month latter, the company won back the contract with British Airways. Today, it remains the global leader.

The fundamental question, again, for Thailand to think about-has nothing to do with politics on the street and democracy at all.

  • The question, is where is Thailand heading and Thailand’s place in a globalized planet. Is there still any doubt, tat the globe is competing more and more on creativity and knowledge based economy?

Is Thailand like Vietnam, Cambodia, or Myanmar? Where, while humanity tanks, but the economy still churns ahead, based on fundamentals that Thailand had passed beyond for ages now?

  • The fact is that Thais are fundamental freedom and creative oriented. The simple fact is that people who cherish freedom and creativity, loves Democracy, freedom and social-justice. Need anyone be reminded that the word “Thai” means “Free” and an economy, increasingly based on being the “Cross-roads” need to be open and liberal?

This blog urges CP Corporation, to re-think its blatant propaganda of Thailand to be rule under a “Dictatorship.”

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