Red Shirts Focus: Red Shirt Debates “Rule of Conduct”

Peaceful and righteous Siamese cats are popular cats

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Red Shirt is in turmoil.

The Red Shirt “Doves” and the Red Shirt “Hawk” are at it. It is loud, raw and very colorful language-like “Mad Dogs” and “Total Fake” and even “Not the Real Thing.”

  • The bottom-line in the “At It” wild debate is the up-coming major protest by the Red Shirt. The question is “Only Peaceful Protest” or will it be “Peaceful until the government uses violence.”

If you check out, Pantip Rajdumnern Room Forum, the official forum of the Red Shirt, there is a big debate going on. On one side, are those who argues that last time the Red Shirt went totally peaceful, the military just simply fired live bullets at the protesters and said a “mass killing” will come, if the Red Shirt do not disband.

  • “It took us a year to recuperate from dispersing from that ultimatum, and you are asking us to head into another protest, that could just be as easily dispersed-are you crazy because why the shit should I go to the protest then,” said Sompong, at the forum.

But on the other side, there are those, like Jai Ungpakorn-who wrote a cutting edge open letter to the Red Shirt, about two weeks ago, calling for the Red Shirt to distance themselves from Panlop and Sea Daeng who leads the Red Shirt Hawk. “The end does not justify the means. And violence will kill the movement long-term viability,” said Jai Ungpakorn.

In the middle are the official Red Shirt leaders-like Jatuporn.

  • Jatuporn, off course understands all of the above-particularly the fact that both Panlop and Sea Daeng, are very popular with the Red Shirt-across the board. The sheer level of violence and in-justice many Red Shirt feel, is just about ready to explode in violence.

The recent assassination of a key Red Shirt Dove, after protesting a military camp, does not help the situation. Whatever, Jatuporn says, many Red Shirt are planning to respond to government violence, with violence. And right there, Panlop and Sae Daeng are ready to lead.

Jatuporn is going all out peaceful protest, even it means being dispersed with live bullets and threats again. Within the Red Shirt movement, the big debate, is what Thai Rath, a mass circulated daily said-that the anticipated nationalizing away all of Taksin’s assets, appears just the beginning of a very long-term campaign that goes way beyond Taksin.”

  • To keep that movement alive and growing, Jatuporn is in sync with Jai Ungpakorn that a violent reaction to win a quick battle against the Amart of upper-crust rule-will in fact kill the rational and the moral high-ground that the Red Shirt thrives on.

“We seek a fundamental change of Thailand towards Democracy and social-justice. How can we achieve that, if we, ourselves, become just another ruling class,” said Sombat, at the forum.

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