Thai Culture: Asian Sweetheart Blog’s A Course to Teach “Farang” How to Flirt

Poor foreign girl me in Siam never get laid enough

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Really, Asian Sweetheart dude, farang or foreigners have the money, the look, the job and also the Thai women’s cultural craze for foreign guys-already.

Now you are going to equip them with cutting-edge psychological warfare capabilities of flirting?

Give me a break, Asian Sweetheart dude, think of all the poor Thai guys having to compete in a loosing war with farang. And really, what is a foreign girl like me to do in Thailand?

Like getting laid is already so hard with all the foreign guys here going after the Thai girls?

  • Well Asian Sweetheart blog, is the most popular blog with foreigners, particularly in Thailand, who loves Asian girls. The blog just never let go of bringing to its foreign readers the best and most beautiful sexy girls to the attention of rich foreigners.

So to service its foreigners, Asian Sweetheart blog, says it is starting a course to teach foreigners how to flirt with Thai girls. The dude running things there is so serious about this, he has started a poll, for foreigners to answer-so that the information can be use to structured the course.

Like really dude, why not start a course for poor foreign girls in Thailand, who have to compete with all those exquisite Thai girls, into getting laid by those very large equipment endowed and deep wallet foreign guys.

Like I have nothing to complain about Thai guys-I have bedded many. But you know what they say about Thai guys: “Wham, Bang, Thank you mam.”

  • By the way, Asian Sweetheart blog, is accessible through this blog sidebar at “Expat Blogging World.” So if you want, take the poll and tell the destructive dude what you want to learn about flirting with Thai girls.

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