Competitiveness: New Thai Prime Minister Tabled in response to “Fail State Condition”

I hope the best for Siamese cat

Blog Note: We would like to say thank you to Bangkok Post, Thai Rath and Matichon.

  • By Frank, this blog political journalist

Thai Rath’s famous and cutting edge page 3 political analyst, just mentioned that a former Thai central bank governor, Predeyathorn, could be the prime minister Taksin has tabled to the Amart, in a last ditch effort to bring peace to Thailand.

Thai Rath indicated that un-like most observer, what is occuring in Thailand at this time, of near climax in the next few months, will likely be in fact, the start of a new phase of prolonged unrest in Thailand.

  • “The nationalized of Taksin’s money, will not be the end, but likely re-energize the red Shirt and the start of a new campaign,” said Thai Rath.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Post, reported on an academic at a Thai university on productivity, and former supporter of Taksin who has sinced distanced himself from Taksin and politics, Somkid, warned that Thailand is getting close to following the path of Mayanmar and Pakistan into a “Failed State” condition.

  • “Thailand is close to being labeled a fail state,” said Somkid.

Meanwhile, at Matichon’s famous page 3 political analyst, the analyst points to the fact that about all the attempt for reconciliation by Taksin is just about exhausted.

  • “At this point, what will happen, will happen,” said Matichon.

Predeyathorn, Thai Rath points out, has royal family blood who is a staunch royalist, but also a professional civil servant who is progressive.

  • “He could be accepted by all parties in the current prower divide in Thailand,” said Thai Rath.

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