Journalism: For the Truth about Thailand’s Media War, please turn to “Media War Blog”

With love to media war blog

  • by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Thai government of Abhisit, just announced a new campaign of “Media War.”

Thai Intelligence News was tempted to shred it to pieces, but in doing research-we found a wrap-up on the situation by a professional, much more capable than Thai Intelligence News.

Must Read, Really!

Media War, accessible through this blog’s “Expat Blogging World Section” has a very cutting edge wrap-up of a new media war campaign by the government of Abhisit. It is a must read-so please trash Thai Intelligence News and head to the the blog.

There is absolutely nothing Thai Intelligence News can add to the blog’s excellent reporting. The reporting is also not heavy like Thai Intelligence News, but very crisp with a very good flow. The writer is obviously a professional novelist, who turns to blogging.

So please turn to the Media War Blog, again, accessible through this blog sidebar on “Expat Blogging World.”

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