Diplomacy: A Letter from Cambodia says Vietnam “Will Help” Hun Sen Trash Thailand

Maybe cute cat me should stay away from the Siamese Khmer border

  • By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

For the first time since Thailand and Cambodia headed for a confrontation, Hun Sen, the Cambodian prime minister is heading to the Thai-Cambodian border area. The area sits the several disputed Khmer relics-one of which is Phra Viharn that the World Court said belonged to Cambodia.

Thai reaction to Hun Sen’s Border Trip?

  • Already, the Thai military said they will not allow Hun Sen on into Thai territories that sits some of those Khmer relics. Mixed reports are coming out from Thailand said as always since the Thai military control the access of journalist along the border. But what news that are coming out, indicates both a Thai welcoming committed for Hun Sen, and also an order for soldiers on leave of absent to return to active duty on the border.
  • Also importantly, since the Yellow Shirt who supports the Thai government is very anti-Cambodia, both the Thai military and the government, have both made an open call for the Yellow Shirt not to go and protest Hun Sen at the border. Last time, the Yellow Shirt went to the border, violent erupted among the Thais.

Hun Sen’s activities, off course comes right at the time Thailand’s internal situation is very fragile. And clearly, it is about Hun Sen’s relationship with Taksin and also about Thailand’s foreign minister, Kasit, calling Hun Sen a “Cheap Thug.”

Cambodia’s internal situation?

  • Military analyst in Bangkok told this blog, that this Hun Sen visit to Cambodia’s western border along Thailand, is the first in a very long time. Since the western border area is considered an “Untamed” area of Cambodia that is out of reach of Hun Sen’s control. Hun Sen visit, indicates, a “Solidifying of Cambodia’s Internal Security” situation, said a military analysis to this blog.

Who will win in a conflict?

  • This blog just wants to point out, that while most military analyst in Bangkok said Thailand would likely win a “Very Bloody” conflict with Cambodia if war breaks out-there are some who says otherwise. These minority of analyst, says Cambodian has among the globe best “Battle Hardened Infantry.”
  • They also point out that Thailand weaponry stock, does not surpasses Cambodian’s stock to the point that the infantry are marginalized.

What ever the case, one Cambodian sent this blog a letter. And the letter indicates some serious grief and anger towards Thailand.

  • The letter follows:

Dear Tiffy,

I totally understanding that Thais are completely biased on Thailand side since they are Thai. There are a few points that you should do some research on.

  • In the early 1990s, The U.N Peace keepers observed and noticed that Thai moved their tanks into Cambodia land and relocated border markers as well.

These many disputed land is belonging to Cambodia in first place, based Reuters news a while back. Now Thailand is known as Land of Lie, not the Land of Smile. In the past the Thai army also sent lots of refugees in sea to die. Thai news was kept away.

CNN and others news agencies took pictures and broadcasted Thailand’s push of refugees boats to sea.

  • If war starts, Thai had no chance-Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese will bring Thailand down. First thing, that you should keep on an eye is Thai Civil War. Southern province….Red shirt….Yellow Shirt.

Just looking back at Vietnam War, the US had to withdraw from Vietnam. It is sad Thai government control news media too much. If you would like to see the true you need to go look at the Cambodia border, from Cambodia.

  • You might not be aware! On Cambodia side, there are Vietnamese Soldiers, Lao Soldiers and Cambodian Soldiers, who are ready to fight. Cambodian soldiers alone might not be able to handle Thai soldiers. But when talking about three (Cam, Lao, Viet) combined. Thai has no chance to win.

Thai has been talking advantage those unfortunate country likes Burma, Laos and Cambodia for a long time. Between 1980s to 1984, Thai and Lao went to war over land, and Thailand lost even against Laos.

  • I just don’t understand why any clash between Cambodian and Thailand, the Thai news always says MIS-UNDERSTANDING. Soldiers are dying and so why is not Thailand telling the truth?

Again, news media was blocked from Thai border side. However, wisely, Cambodia side of the border is open, and telling the truth. Thai soldiers should be worried!

  • If war starts, Vietnamese will push very hard on Thailand. The two fronts would be from Lao and Cambodia. Both will attack Thailand in response.

Sincerely yours,


Panom Phen

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