Thai Culture: Thais “Get No Satisfaction” with Life

Siam is a great for nightmares

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

I love the Rolling Stones. I am very happy about life, but I also have two complain about Thailand. First, getting laid here is very difficult because prostitutes are all over. And second, counterfeit Rolling Stones MP3 is just so hard to find. But am I happy and satisfied otherwise, well I am not a Thai-lucky me!

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones sang that, “I can’t get no, satisfaction.” But perhaps Mick is lucky to be a Brit, because the Thais really really can get no satisfaction.

I just want to say that I am really sick of all the crap that I see in Thailand’s mainstream press. All I see in them, are great positive news. You name it, what ever statistics that comes out that can be twisted into positive news, it is done. And what ever news is negative, it is censored out-like blatantly.

Take the following news that have been turned positive saying “Thais are Happy and Satisfied”:

Credit card usage up, Thai press says means return consumer confidence. Industrial confidence up, they say Thais are happy because it means more jobs. The Thai prime minister says Thais are happy people, the press says that must be true, Thais must be happy. Thais traveling more, Thai press says, must mean they have more money and are happy to be going on vacation. Consumers confidence up, Thai press says, must be because they are happy to be spending more. Employment and salary optimism rise, Thai press says Thais must now really be happy. The list goes on and on and on and on……

Yet the reality is, legal drugs like anti-depressant and aspirin are the biggest selling drugs in Thailand. Statistics shows, more Thais are seeking psychological help today than ever before. And suicide rate has doubled in the past five years.

Being positive is OK, however:

No-we are not saying putting a positive spin is wrong or that being optimistic is also wrong. What this blog is saying that sometimes, the truth and the facts must be confronted-as the way to start solving the problems.

The following is the latest poll on the mental state of the Thais, as far as happiness and satisfaction is concerned:

Out of 4 points for 100% satisfied, the average Thai is 1.93 satisfied with their mental situation, 1.91 for satisfaction with their wider environment, 1.87 satisfied with their economics circumstances, and 1.83 satisfied with Thai politics.

And what does the far right current government say about all the above?

  • Only anti-government Thais are un-happy.

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