Journalism: Thai Police Special Branch tracing Coup rumors origin to “Powerful Media”

Maybe cute cat me better fear a crack-down

  • By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Thai Rath is a very powerful Thai newspaper that sells millions of copies a day. And undoubtedly, Thai Rath is the origin of talks in Thailand of a coup.

  • Regular readers of Thai Rath would have seen, on page 3 famous political analysis, that a coup had been talked about for months now.

The following is from the Bangkok Post, and to sum it up, the Thai police special branch is tracing for the origin of the coup rumors.

The Thai Police Special Branch just up-dated its intelligence gathering unit, into The Center for Actionable Intelligence.

  • According to Special Branch Police source to this blog, “The flow of news deemed dangerous to Thai internal harmony, has gotten complex and spread out in net-work-like condition, and thus the special branch has up-graded its technology and hired individuals with advance technological capabilities-to form this special center.”

From the Bangkok Post:

  • Acting national police chief Pateep Tanprasert has ordered Special Branch Police to track down anyone involved in spreading rumors about a coup.
  • Pol Gen Pateep yesterday said he had asked the agency to report coup rumours to him and to report on any people who initiated the rumors.
  • He said the police force was ready to handle the situation if any coup did take place.
  • Speculation about an impending coup began last week when 22 armored vehicles were seen on the streets of Bangkok. They were on their way from Bang Sue railway station to their barracks in Pathum Thani.

This blog want to stress that the Thai police move is a serious threat and warning. In an earlier police scoop of rumor of the Thai king’s health issue, several people were arrested-for even re-reporting on what foreign press had reported on and when the data clearly indicates the Thai stock market tanked before those involved arrested people re-reported the rumors.

  • The origin on the coup rumor, in fact, started months ago, at Thailand’s mass circulated daily, Thai Rath. However, the police will obviously “Not Touch” the journalist at Thai Rath-because of the influence and power the newspaper has.

As before, the trace to the origin will be targeted to the internet, particularly the newt-work of Red Shirt oriented blogs and sites. Particularly, as demonstrated by the Thai king’s health rumor crack-down, the target will likely be ” Liberal Forums.”

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