Red Shirts Focus: Red Shirt “People Army” & “In Command?”

Looks like cruzing for a brusing in Siam

  • By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Chaovalit, a former Thai military chief that is now part of the Red Shirt, is a Democratic Soldier-with a very long background in fighting for social justice and Democracy in Thailand.

The Thai military is now, part of the Thai ruling elite-having even sent out soldiers to protect the security of a golf course that had been illegally built in forest reserves. The current Thai military chief, Anupong, had also fired live bullets skirting the head of Red Shirt protesters and gave them the ultimatum to disperse or else face a massacre.

Local press have reported today that Chaovalit had been appointed the commander in chief of the People’s Army.

      Some factors to consider about the People’s Army follows:

      • Thailand’s prime minister, Abhisit, said the government can deal with the People’s Army.
      • Chaovalit, though deny it, had been reported to have been appointed the People’s Army commanding general.
      • The Red Shirt, today, is in the process of staging protest at every significant Thai military base, against a coup.
      • The People’s Army intelligence arm,is under the command of Panlop, a former key player of the Thai Internal Security Operations Command.
      • The People’s Army is made up of Democratic soldiers, spearheaded by Sae Daeng, a Thai military general, and also by former high ranking Thai soldiers from a broad base of military back-ground.
      • The People’s Army is comprised of soldiers, mostly, protesters who were told to prepare to use Molotov cocktails-in the event of unrest.
      • The People’s Army also comprises of Thais with real and long military training, who reportedly have access to war weaponry.

      This blog had heard of several strategies of the people’s Army-some highly violent and yet others, not violent. At this point, it is fair to say that the People’s Army, is being used as a threat by the Red Shirt.

      The key message to keep in mind is that Taksin continued to make the ultimate call, and his latest words on the subject follows:

      • I believe in struggling for justice through the Democratic process and I am non-violent. Our action serves as a warning notice to the Thai military not to use violence on us.

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