Diplomacy: Thai Student Protest US Embassy with “US Get Out” slogan

Wish I were a student full of love all ove again

  • by Frank, this blog political journalist

Leaders of the Thai student federation went to the US Embassy in Bangkok today to hand in a letter of protest calling for the US to sever its military link to the Thai military-which the federation said was involved in coups.

Thailand and US are close military ally, as the many accounts in this blog has indicated.

The following is a letter by the student federation, calling for a “People’s War” against the Amart or ruling class rule of Thailand. The federation said they were ready to galvanize the Thais into protest.

This blog just wants to note that the federation have lost much of its muscle throughout the years, namely as a result of various far right government moves to discredit the student movement and also by internal bickering-that have see several former leader turned highly nationalistic and far right. The current leaders, are similar to the leaders of more liberal times in Thailand, however, they have not proved to be effective in galvanizing supports.

  • Thai Student Federation: A Forewarn of “People’s War”

Due to the recent movement of the army, there exists a concern that it will eventually lead to a coup and a demolition of demonstration for democracy. Threats and intimidation, direct as well as indirect ones, towards people movement have dispersed widely among the army. These are nicely done through expressing political opinions to call for peace and defending the country but behind those words are a cruel message to the people not to build up any movements with the same old excuse about ‘national security’, even though the dispute and the unstable situation right now are all caused by the inappropriate role of the army by supporting the bureaucratic elites into the power. People movement who are fighting for democracy can absolutely not tolerate this.

  • Until today, the army still insists their old role to defend the ‘security’ of the bureaucratic elites more than that of democracy and the people. They even claim in harmony their readiness to protect the bureaucratic elites and demolish the people who call for democracy all over the country that can come to be an obstacle. These actions leave us interpret no other but that they have made themselves clear that they are ready to do everything even a coup.
  • To this situation, the Student Federation of Thailand holds a concern towards the country, the democracy, the people and even to the army themselves that if a coup really happens again, ‘people’s war’ or the resistance of the people all over the country who want democracy will occur for certain and it will be a war which continues until the very end until the army has to surrender.
Accord to this concern, we would like to call the army and declare our intention towards the current situation and in the future as following:
  • We would like to the army to concern about the consequences that will follow if there is a coup to demolish the people. The consequences will not be as convenient as the previous coups in the history. People whose moral and conscience are lifted have crossed beyond the point of ignorance like before and will therefore object until the absolute.
  • We, the Student Federation of Thailand, together with our student networks all over the country, have a clear stand to act against the coup and stand besides the people’s struggle for democracy, including the ‘red shirts’. If there is eventually a coup, we are ready to mobilize students and people who want democracy to fight with the coup until the end.Forewarning to the People’s war. Democracy will eventually win!

Thai Student Federation

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