Journalism: Mainstream Thai Press are Rebel with Lost Cause

And I thought journalist are just suppose to report the news

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

If you wonder why Thailand in in such a mess, a great deal of that is because of Thailand’s mainstream press are just a bunch of former rebel, who have lost their causes. The information being feed to the Thais, simply are mostly opinions that verges on propaganda. That opinion and propaganda feed, obviously, prevents conflict resolutions that could emerge in Thailand with free flow of truthful information and facts.

  • Intelligence: Nation’s Media of Business

Analysis: Aggressive business expansion plan it the core philosophy of Nation to the point that Nation’s failed competition with Taksin for the then iTV, turned the Nation against Taksin and allied itself with the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party had rewarded the Nation with a broad access to state controlled TV and the Nation used that access to form a small TV empire for the Thai stock market listing.

Bottom-line: Still hell-bent on kissing the Democrat Party’s ass with anti-Taksin messages. Positive development is that the group is going business news where truthful facts are critical.

  • Intelligence: Bangkok Post’s Media of Connection

Analysis: Bangkok Bank, Democrat Party, and Chirathivat-all big guns in Thailand-are right there on the inside at Bangkok Post. Bangkok Post is, therefore, considered to have the best sources in Thailand that is connected deep into Thailand’s high-society and the movers and shakers of Thailand.

Bottom-line: Still hell-bent on kissing its inner circle of big guns interest’s ass. Positive development is that the journalist there really hate being slaves.

  • Intelligence: Manager’s Media of Blackmail

Analysis: Manager has a very long tradition of linking hard-hitting stories to relationship with prospect of support to the owner of the paper, Songhi. Sondhi is now head of a Thai political party that is an ally of the Democrat Party, but reserves the right to compete.

Bottom-line: Running out of ammunition since it had said about all it could and trashed just about everyone in Thailand, but itself. Positive development is that coming close to being assassinated may have been a much needed reality check.

  • Intelligence: Thai Rath’s Media of Gentlemen

Analysis: A mostly family owned successful business and privately held, Thai Rath gives great freedom to its journalist and columnist. However, the guiding principle is a warship of the “Gentleman” principle, and thus the paper lacks a guiding political philosophy and with gentleman’s anything is a go. One favor asked, one favor owed, and one favor given type of mentality.

Bottom-line: Only the secrets agreement between gentlemen knows where Thai Rath coverage will head next. Positive development is that there are very few real gentleman left in Thailand.

  • Intelligence: TNN’s Media of Cover

Analysis: part of the Tru of CP, which runs highly controversial business practices that have been criticized on many “Macro” issue and thus it needs political coverage. CP got into a corruption scandal as a result of allying to Taksin-and thus to get out of that situation it allied instead to the Democrat party-as CP saw that the Democrats was being supported by power forces in the Thai society.

Bottom-line: If and when the political wind changes in Thailand, then will TNN change its stripes. Positive development is that it now realized it may have gone too far in alienating the Red Shirt.

  • Intelligence: TNews’s Media of Crux

Analysis: TNews, or whatever, that is linked to Suthiyarn, is a major player with a political objective. That objective is made dangerous in this case, as Suthichai is often at the crux of the trend-galvanizing other press into its direction. Thia is the “Latest” politically correct message by those that rule Thailand. Suthiyarn’s past tools includes, INN, Business Radio to its current feed of scoops to the government control TV11. Suthichai had a long linked to the Thai Crown Property Bureau.

Bottom-line: Watch and followed by the Red Shirt like a hawk-and thus its past glory will likely never return again. Positive development is that being on the cutting edge all the time dries up finances.

  • Intelligence: Matichion’s Media of Status Quo

Analysis: Matichon is all for status quo or no changes. Its key philosophical root is with Kukrit, a former Thai prime minister who is into Country, King and Religion. The anti-Taksin position came about when Grammy wanted to take a position in Matichon, to which accused that behind Grammy was Taksin.

Bottom-line: One can always depend on Matichon to be anti-change. And since the Red Shirt is a coalition for change in Thailand, Matichon will always be anti-Red Shirt. Positive development is that there is calls there for objectivity.

  • Overall Assessment:

A long time before the above mentioned press comes to stand for Democracy, Freedom and social-justice. Currently, they stand for nothing of real value that will last the test of time and globalism.

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