ASEAN Defense: Chinese Spies Target Executives in China with “Sex used to Trap”

From China with spy love and sex

Blog Note: Thailand’s Federation of Industry,a powerful lobbying group in Thailand, is in a state of total conflict over the appointment of a new president. The lobbying for the president position, is split between the old guard of Thai industrial might of the Siam Cement Group, and emerging medium size conglomerates with strong global links.

  • The lobbying head of this latter fraction, have organized a widespread Thai China linkages. However, the choice is not simply, the old guard since the old guard supports the class system rule of Thailand and is very anti-Democracy.
  • This blog just wants to point out, that it is not only the type of spying on other countries that China is doing, such as in the case with UK executives. In Thailand’s case, the the Chinese are actively engaged in internal Thai industrial and business development policies.

The following is from

By Joseph Fitsanakis

A restricted MI5 report describes China as Britain’s most serious espionage threat, and says British business executives are increasingly targeted by Chinese intelligence operatives.

  • The 14-page document was authored by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, a unit of MI5, Britain’s primary counterintelligence and security agency.

In it, the intelligence agencies of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, as well as the Ministry of State Security, are identified as leaders in a massive targeting of British corporate executives who regularly make business trips to China. The report warns that most of the hotel rooms where they stay are “likely to be bugged”, that they are regularly “searched while the occupants are out of the[ir] room[s]”, and that hotels are frequented by Chinese female intelligence agents, looking “to exploit vulnerabilities such as sexual relationships and illegal activities”.

  • Other government agents cultivate long-term relationships with British (and presumably other foreign) business executives, offering them “lavish hospitality” and “gifts”.

The latter often turn out to be digital cameras or memory sticks, which contain stealth Trojan bugs, designed to infect the gift recipient’s computer. The MI5 report follows a similar document recently made public by a US Congressional committee, which identifies the Hong Kong-registered 88 Queensway Group as a front company that acts “as [an arm of the] Chinese intelligence community [and] public security apparatus”.

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