Thaksin Focus: Taksin Twitter went from 30,000 to 60,000 Followers in Past 3 Months

Lots of followers with this Siamese cat

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

I can still remember about 3 months ago, writing about Taksin’s Twitter that had about 30,000 followers. But the latest figure is over 60,000 and climbing at about 500 a day.

That sounds like a remarkable explosion in the number of followers. And so I wonder why people are so fascinated by Taksin?

So I asked my good looking and sexy friend, Stuart, a cutting edge sales and marketing consultant, why?

  • Raw?

“Raw, Raw, Raw. When you read Taksin Twitter, you get the feeling that there is very little lying and pretense involved. It is full of raw positive energy, straight from Taksin’s core,” said Stuart.

But still, it is just a Twitter and I am still confused, and so I asked Stuart, “But why so many followers and growing like that?”

  • Reality?

“Reality, Reality, and Reality. This is the guy that is at the center of a major hurricane in Thailand. And so people want to know what he is thinking down to his very last little mood. They are captured and fascinated by Taksin,” said Stuart.

Well, I still find it all kind of odd and strange, like Taksin even tells his followers when he is tired and even things like heading to bad for some shut eyes.

Like why would people be that interested and connected to Taksin’s every little move-like that?

  • Hope?

“Hope, Hope and Hope,” said Stuart. According to Stuart, many people globally have had it rough and tough life. And many have given up fighting.

So to see Taksin fight, especially against such bad odds, ” It gives his followers hope,” said Stuart.

But it seems still just Twitter that is kind of boring?

  • Exciting?

“Exciting, Exciting, Exciting,” said Stuart, especially with the Yellow Shirt and Abhisit fans crashing Taksin’s Twitter.

Stuart said, a person gets to see something at Taksin’s Twitter that is rarely seen globally, and that is a global class controversial leader face his critics.

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