Competitiveness: Rumor of Thai Coup Hits Europe & did Abhisit Failed at Davos?

Some times the truth is the best way to save the day

  • By Frank, this blog political journalist

Thailand’s prime minister, Abhisit, message at the World Economic Forum, held at Davos was clear-everything about Thailand is OK.

  • But rumors of a Thai coup has hit Europe.

The Thai government maintains that a coup occurs in Thailand, namely because of Communism, corruption and civil un-rest. What Abhisit said at Davos, was that those conditions do not exists.

But sources told this blog that Germany’s economics minister, met the Thai government-only two to three days after Abhisit came back to Thailand from Davos. Apparently, the German minister said to his Thai counter-part, “The entire European region is worried about a coup in Thailand.”

Was it the right strategy for Abhisit to tell the sophisticated Europeans, at a major meeting of people who are among the globe’s most well informed-something that the facts does not support?

Simply stated, was it smart for Abhisit to put on a public relations act, straight face, to so many cutting edge people?

  • Obviously, who knows what those many cutting edge leaders thought.

Perhaps, they felt sad for Abhisit or perhaps they understood that there really is nothing that Abhisit could say-under the circumstances. Then perhaps many would rather have been told of the facts and reality of Thailand.

Judging by the German minister words, Abhisit may have done more harm than good, in his blatant lying. But is Abhisit lying or does Abhisit truly believe that everything is OK about Thailand?

Well, someone just thrown “Crap” into Abhisit’s private residence-to which Abhisit immediately said it was about Taksin’s US$2 billion-as most Thai press had been “Extracting the most” publicity for impact as possible on the “Threat on Judges Life.”

The talks in Bangkok now, is if “bombing will occur and violence breaks out?” The other talk is about the massive Red Shirt protest, scheduled in the near future. “How will the 100,000s of Red Shirt be contained?” everyone is asking.

  • So are the conditions in Thailand OK?

As for the government’s own condition of a coup, on Communism, the Abhisit government is planning to issue 2 million CD to be given to Thais across the country propagating that the Red Shirt are Communist. On corruption, Thailand now ranks as one of the most corrupt country globally. And civil unrest? What has Thailand been like since the coup of 2006?

Most of Thailand’s cutting edge journalist-certainly believe Thailand is on the verge of another coup, possibly by several fractions in the Thai military who are competing-but stopped namely, because the environment is not conducive.

“There are over 500 German business interest in Thailand, and we are worried they will be affected by instability in Thailand,” said the German minister. And European as a whole, has invested about US$12 billion in Thailand, with about 2,700 operators.

Did Abhisit succeed at Davos? Or did ha failed? You make the call.

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