ASEAN Defense: Thai-American Cobra Gold military exercise is “A Go”

Which way will my Siamese cats turn?

  • ByStingray, this blog national security journalist

The Thai US military exercise “Cobra Gold” that has attracted ASEAN-wide participation, is “A Go” currently. In the mean time, China and America are facing-off on national security issues relating to arms deal to Taiwan.

A big part of the America Pacific Fleet, right now, is right hear in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Pentagon just issued a statement, concerning its annual 4 year review of national security issue, saying, “China’s growing power is the most significant part the review addressed.”

Thailand, in fact, was accorded a military ally status to America, only second to NATO level. And increasingly, Thailand is helping the United Nations on global security level-with the latest in sending soldiers into Africa, not for peace keeping such as East Timor, but for active security related mission.

Also significantly, the Thai military is planning for a military satellite, which will most likely, be part of a defense shield with Western satellite net-work. At about this time, also, Thailand’s army chief, is planning a long trip to America-where the entire ASEAN region is on an arms build-up.

How does China feel about all of the above?

China, off course is a totalitarian managed-capitalist Communist country. And America, is off course, a democratic free market capitalist country.

The picture, looks like the face-off between the Axis and the Allies, during WW2, to which Thailand, then under totalitarian rule-joined the Axis.

Thailand, again today, is very much a totalitarian state-where Thai of Chinese descent, are in massive numbers and have very much taken control of the Thai economy.

Already, many local Thai media group, such as CP, with strong China background, are putting the blame on the current face-off on America’s arms deal to China-not mentioning the Google quagmire and China’s state sponsored industrial and human rights related espionage that have heated up China America relations.

Fundamentally, many cutting edge global foreign relation observer, says China and America are competing globally, but mostly in Asia, to be the super-power.

That competition, have both mutually-beneficial points and mutually exclusive points. China and America depend on each other for growth prospects, and yet on national security, the relationship is mutually exclusioned. China is fast becoming a super-power in the Asia, with an aircraft carrier on the verge of being launched, among other military advancements. Simply stated, China increasingly is projecting its military across Asia and globally as well.

That force projection, is off course a clear and present danger to America’s security, for a variety of reason-such as a secure trade rout for natural resources, and keeping major Asian economies open and safe.

Where does Thailand stand in the picture?

Thailand, itself, is in a state of internal conflict, very much similar to the China and America conflict. The forces of Democracy and Liberty in Thailand, is on a head-on collusion with the forces of totalitarianism.

Will America turn a blind eye to Thailand’s internal condition that global level human rights units have criticized very strongly?

Will Thailand choose to ally itself with China? Or will Thailand ally itself with America?

And can Thailand’s famous foreign policy of playing it “Both Side” be maintained? Does this China and America face-off, in fact an opportunity for Thailand? And where does the ultra-Nationalistic and terror suspect, foreign minister, stand? And how much does the Thai foreign ministry in control of Thailand’s foreign policy-as oppose to the Thai military?

As the China and American differences, will likely fine tune both countries foreign policy-making a compromise by China or America, in living with, other states on the fringe of the face off more difficult.

To put it bluntly, Thailand’s wider geo-political environment is changing and coming into focus. That could impact Thailand’s internal political environment.

As for global powers, a quastion that must be asked is, “Is the Thai military a great asset?”

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