Journalism: Why Bangkok Post edited out the words “CIA, Prayuth & Hillary” in a key report?

Bangkok Post cat starts to rock and roll

ฺBlog Note: We want to say thank you to the Bangkok Post for an excellent job, particularly by Maximillian who raised questions on the arms catch deal. This blog thinks it might be weak but nevertheless intriguing. So since Thai Intelligence News readers are mostly on the cutting edge, we follow through on what the Bangkok Post really wants to say, but can not.

  • By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Well, if the Bangkok Post is right, last month’s plane load of arms deal caught in Bangkok was a set-up, to link Iran and North Korea together-in an arms deal.

While far fetch at this point, but since it is the Bangkok Post reporting which practices blatant censorship-Thai Intelligence News will give our reader of the behind the scene picture-that Bangkok Post is pointing to.

That set-up Bangkok Post mentioned, is obviously by the CIA. Since the set-up used Thailand, it obviously involves the Thai intelligence apparatus. The Thai intelligence apparatus, as reported earlier by this blog, is current under the control of Prayuth, the appointed future Thai army chief.

And as this blog had earlier reported, the CIA had been ordered by the White House, to evaluate Thai US security relations, as a result of the Thai military many ill treatment of refugees in Thailand-particularly the Hmong-where there is a large Hmong settlement in the US.

This blog is not going to link this development, as yet, to Hillary. But we just want to point out that Hillary is very close to the current repressive military back Abhisit government in Thailand-to which Prayuth and other are propping up.

And thus, most likely, that order from the White House, to Langley, to review Thai US security relation, came from Hillary-who ultimately did nothing on the, highly controversial, Hmong issue.

So while Hillary may not be involved in what the Bangkok Post is pointing to, obviously, the CIA would have to informed Hillary of something-to silence her to the Hmong issue.

Off course, Hillary is going all out on North Korea and Iran, so the evidence points to Hillary involvement to a certain extent.

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