ASEAN Defense: How the much used fake bomb detector, GT200, would never be put to use in Bangkok

Tammy cat roll over Stingray cat

Blog Note: We just want to point out that Tammy and Stingray fight like dogs and cats all the time. So please bear with this blog. We can not sort it out, because Tammy’s bottom-line is people, but with Stingray it is security. It is much worse than how the Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt hate each other. This thing between Tammy and Stingray, is very deep philosophical type of stuff.

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Oh, really Stingray, containment?

What is really going on in the Thai Deep South is pretty simple and that is the Thai military and government is letting the terrorist run free there-doing little to address the situation like the CIA says-simply because if they contain the terrorist down there, the terrorist would likely turn to other alternatives like Bangkok.

The fundamental fact is that the Bangkok government is scared stiff that the terrorist will bring the violence to Bangkok. So they let the terrorist go on bombing the Deep South-as a way of keeping the bombing from spreading to Bangkok.

What David said makes sense to me on many level, and that is because there is no democracy in Thailand-and so the lives of Thai Muslim in the Deep South is just not as important than lives of people of Bangkok.

If there is real democracy in Thailand, the people of the terrorist infected Deep South would demand better security for themselves-even if it leads to terrorist heading to Bangkok.

So we are back to the original reason why terrorism popped up in Thailand’s Deep South-and that is simply because Bangkok sees itself as the ruling class of Thailand that subjugate the interest of all other Thais under its rule.

Unfortunately, Muslims have a very strong sense of justice and proud of their heritage. So Bangkok’s superior ruling class attitude runs straight into that proud heritage of Thai Muslims-the result is off course terrorism.

I agree with the CIA recommendations. The Thai Muslim deserves to be able to live in safety. Then if the terrorist turns to Bangkok, then just simply “Choip Off” the communications link into Bangkok with containment.

But to say the lives of people in Bangkok is more important than the lives of Muslin Thais, is just so full of crap.

And the final result, off course you get the GT200 faking show to the Thai Muslim. Like really, if the terrorist were bombing Bangkok, is there any doubt the people of Bangkok would have said “No” to the GT200 from the beginning.

As for Stingray, cut the crap-I know you know what I said is the situation-but you on purpose “Censored” it out. Maybe you should go work for the Abhisit government and help it censor everything. You are beginning to smell like a dictator.

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