ASEAN Defense: Thai Police are deeply into Politics “Not” Busting Crime

Bad cats roll over good cats in Siam

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Several Thai press, such as Matichon, reports that in the latest re-shuffle of about 2,000 key Thai police enforcers, the appointments were “Buffeted” with appointments of police officers with political connection.

Several Thai press, such as Thai Rath, also reports that the “Temporary Thai Police Chief” has issued an order instruction every police station chief in Thailand to be watchful of the Red Shirt, a social movement for Democracy and Liberty in Thailand, that is fighting the status quo of upper-crust rule of Thailand.

Thailand currently has no top police chief, as the government political-interplay had resulted in bickering for the control of the important post. In Thailand, police helps politicians win votes and also money to support elections.

“Enforcement efforts has all but stopped,” said the head of the retired Thai police association.

The Thai police retirement association says the Thai police force, as a unit, is in very low morale as it had been turned into a tool for political prosecution.

This blog had reported earlier on a “Crime Wave” in Thailand, where statistics points to significant jumps in all sort of crimes in Thailand, since the coup of 2006 that saw most independent units in Thailand, including the Thai police, been politicized.

How daring are the crooks? Today, right smack in the middle of Bangkok, the police busted a massively large illegal drug lab-that have been going for about 2 years.

Thai police playing politics?

In one example, a key police in Northern Thailand, that helps the current government of Abhisit in elections, was left un-touched even with his involvement in the disappearance of a Saudi Arabia businessman. Not until, Saudi Arabia bought on massive political pressure did the government caved in and allowed that police to be charged with that crime.

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