Thaksin Focus: Top Thaksin Strategist on “Insulting Thai King & Double Standard”

School of rock better for Siam

Blog Note: We would like to say thank you to Kom Chud Luck, part of the Nation Group, especially for giving Panlop all that much space for this story and running what Panlop said in its entirety.

  • By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Panlop, the former Thai Internal Security Operation Command that is now part of the Red Shirt, has asked Thai soldiers why no soldiers came out to protect the dignity of the Thai military when Sondhi, the head of the Yellow Shirt and the New Politics Party, placed used tampons on the statue of King Rama the 5th statue.

King Rama the 5th is the father of the Thai military.

“Why did no soldier came out to protect the honor then,” asked Panlop.

Most observer said the reason is because Sondhi of the Yellow Shirt, is part of the upper crust, ruling class Thais, that the Thai military traditionally defended. Sondhi, a religious fanatic, believed placing the used tampons on the King’s statue will help him win against Taksin.

Panlop’s response comes amidst Anupong’s secret orders to most of the Thai army units to “Lock Boots” in a “Show of Support” for Anupong by grouping together in formation and swearing loyalty to the Thai army.

Panlop also asked the soldiers to consider the fact if they were against Sae Daeng-a maverick soldier on the side of Taksin and the Red Shirt, that went on the offense against Anupong-was because they did not want soldiers to drag the military into politics-why are they not against Anupong propping up the current government.

“What is that secret Anupong met with the Democrat Party and its coalition to form the government all about?” asked Panlop.

“There is a track record of senior soldiers who spoke strongly against the Taksin influenced governments, including Anupong, but why is that suddenly all forgottened. It is the same type of double-standard being levied on all Thais and this double standard will split the military apart,” said Panlop.

The Thai Military Institute, Chulachomklao, was established by King Chulalongkorn-the fifth King of the Chakri Dynasty-and is considered the father of all Thai soldiers.

The key “Motto” of the school is “Graduates never kill each other.” However, graduates from different class, traditionally fought like cat and dogs to control the Thai military-since it means controlling Thailand’s real power. Subsequently, the class struggle inside the military had destabilizing Thailand politics.

The level professionalism had greatly been compromised.

Historically, King Chulalongkorn saw that the children of the royal Thai family and the royal court, that was great in numbers, had very little to do but gossip and fought among themselves leading to great un-rest to their parents.And as children fought, the parents often end up fighting among themselves also.

And so the king, established a soldier unit for these children to be trained in military skills-to which latter on, foreign expert in soldiering assisted in the school development.

The first order given by the king to the group of first Thai that would later on become professional soldiers were, “Keep the black crows off the palace ground.”

When the king returned from his visits to Europe, he began modernizing the structure of the Thai administrative system, including the Ministry of Defense-to which the Chulachomkao Military Institute was established. Today the school’s graduates are namely children of former high-ranking military soldiers, mixed in with some students from the lower class that exhibits talents.

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