ASEAN Defense: Thai NGOs Please Refuse Humanitarian Aid from US Pacific Fleet

Please O-B-One-Kanobe, you are my only hope

An Open Letter to Thai NGO

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Thia blog can understand why many of you, Thai human rights NGO are cold towards Taksin. This blog, too, abhor Taksin’s track record on the “War on Drugs.”

However, a great deal of time had elapsed and the “War” in Thailand now, is about Democracy and Liberty. The fundamental question now, is if Democracy and Liberty, will be the underlying principle of Thailand’s development, or will it be totaritarianism-in the guise of “Class system Rule.”

There is no doubt that the current government of Abhisit, is namely a military backed government-to which its human rights and freedom of expression track record have affected many “Law abiding normal and ordinary Thais.” Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have confirmed this.

This blog understand the fear of a return of Taksin would mean a return “Power Abuse.” This blog is not asking you, Thai NGO, to choose between the lesser of two evils, even though one can make an argument that under the Abhisit regime, is now much worse than under the Taksin regime.

However, we wish to humbly, point to some development. Taksin is now part of a larger social movement than Taksin himself. That social movement is the movement towards Democracy and Liberty in Thailand. While still unproven, this blog argues that this social movement that Taksin is a part off, could afford a “Check and Balance” on Taksin’s totalitarianism tendencies.

On the other hand, with the current regime of Abhisit, this blog argues that the situation would get worse. Namely, there is absolutely no check and balance what so ever.

The US Pacific Fleet is planning to conduct its annual military exercise with the Thai army. The Thai army is threatening the Thais with a coup, yet again. That Thai US joint military exercise will be used by the Thai military as a “Stamp of Approval.”

Please help send a strong message to the US Pacific Fleet, that you, Thai NGO, will not help the Thais that are under your guidance, to accept anything less than Democracy and Liberty.

Please reject the US Pacific Fleet humanitarian aid. That aid clearly comes with it, the message that Thais should live under totalitarianism.

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