Globalization: “HRW” just trashed Hillery’s “Good Friend” in Thailand, Abhisit

American cat Hillary needs to focus beneith the surface

  • By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Cute girl Hillary, who happens to be the US State Department Secretary, is a close friend of Abhisit.

You see, at the last ASEAN Foreign Minister meet in Thailand in Phuket, many foreign minister came to Thailand, but focused on the meeting at Phuket.

Abhisit, Thailand’s prime minister that is much hated by millions of Thais, off course, is a hansom fellow who loves publicity. So Abhisit flew out of Phuket to Bangkok in the guise of having to do something. But then in Bangkok, off course he called Hillary to come out of Phuket to meet him at the Thai government house in Bangkok.

Well how can Hillery be expected to differentiate between a hansom devel and good person? So off course, Hillary flew to Bangkok and Abhisit got a great boosting with the public.

unfortunately for those who loves freedom and liberty world-wide, Hillary could not see through the Abhisit’s trickery at all-with being all focus on trade and national security.

Then with Abhisit’s blind eye to the Thai military treatment of refugees- from the Hmong to god knows about how many other people and how many thousands-Hillary just stood there.

Well first it was Amnesty International that trashed Abhisit, then followed by the Human Rights Watch, that trashed Abhisit.

Now the rumor in Bangkok is a coup and everyone agrees now that the Abhisit government is a military back government that violates human rights and freedom of expression.

Well, what can we say. Hillary is sap for good-looking and polite guys.

Our advice, why not fly over to Bangkok from Washington DC and help boost this little dictator nothing, Abhisit, again.

Like save the Thais some trouble-so they can protest Abhisit and Hillary together at the same time.

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