ASEAN Defense: Colombian, Yakuza & Thai Mafia! Connection & the building up of critical mass

Colombian Mafia cats in Siam?

  • By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Admit it, you saw the movie “Scarface” play by Al Pacino, the freedom fighter tuned violent drug kingpin-and like all the violence and how charismatic Scarface was.

Well, as Scarface said, “These Colombians are crazy. I don’t like it.” Later on, Scarface friend got torn to pieces by a chainsaw wielding Colombians,

But to get back to reality and more serious reporting, senior police source told this blog that the Colombian Mafia are quietly making contact with the Thai Mafia.

And to quote the source, “And you know the Thai Mafia is connected to the Yakuza.”

“We are watching the Colombians in Thailand,” said the source.

This blog does not know how better to express the level of danger, because the Colombians are truly the master of terror.

The Colombian Mafia had been greatly wiped out, inside Columbia-in a long-drawn out war that rocked the entire country social strata to its core. That war, in reality, was one of the most violent the globe had ever see.

However, the Colombia Mafia had long since gone global, and its global net-work is very much still alive and kicking.

Thailand’s environment of lawlessness, corruption, and a police force gone much in-active, all are just the type of gun-powder, that can feed organized crime.

If you think we are joking, just grab a VCD of Scarface, and check out Hollywood’s rendition of the Colombian Mafia.

The reality of the Colombian Mafia is about 100 times worse than in Scarface, while the Yakuza have resulted in many Thais going around with the tip of the finger missing, the Colombian Mafia is known to ask new members to kill “Relatives.”

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