Thaksin Focus: Billions Roll Over Thaksin or Thaksin Roll Over Billions?

Billions roll over Taksin or Taksin roll over billions?

  • By Frank, this blog political journalist
  • The Big Question:

How much does what is going on in Thailand has to do with Taksin’s US$ 2 billion-that will most likely be entirely nationalized away by the Songkhla Network? And what is Taksin willing to do to make sure his hard-earned money goes back to him?

We absolutely do not know the answer to both questions!

  • The Argument Threads:

Some say all of what is going on Thailand is about Taksin and the US$2 billion-not democracy and liberty. Others like Taksin,  says it is about being treated “Not-Fair.” Other says Taksin deserves seeing his money evaporated away. The courts says they will rule with “Justice.” Yet other says Taksin, who already knows the US$2 billion is a goner,  is just using the issue to further his political agenda. And yet the regulations indicates some Thais involved in the nationalized process will be greatly enriched-and very high-up people are lining up for about 25% of that US$2 billion.

  • But what is really going on?

The case itself, is greatly “Muddled” where the arguments can point to both corrupt and non-corrupt. The bottom-line, on the case itself, is that there is not enough evidence to “Prove Guilt” as most of the testimony against Taksin is related to “Circumstantial Evidence that Points to Guilt.”

  • Ramification Significant:

The ramifications-for the courts to go either way is significant. Nationalize the money, will most likely see the Thais come to the conclusion yet again of the “Double-Standard” in the Thai justice system. And this ruling to Nationalize, will see the Red Shirt zoom in on other cases that are as “Controversial” that are just laying there with no action. If rule not to Nationalize, the enemies of Taksin will likely go ballistic, saying it was because of pressure from Taksin-who plans to issue 2 millions copies of papers to distribute across Thailand that said he was wealthy before entering politics.

The scenario on what could happen with any ruling-is like totally open and the Thai court will likely get hit by all sides.

On Taksin side the Songkhla Network will probably be exposed to the core and the 25% issue be solidified with facts. On the anti-Taksin side, the Taksin court pressure will be heightened.

  • The Compromise:

The compromise appears to be what many cutting edge journalist, such as at Matichon says, and that is to nationalize parts of the money only meaning what Taksin made before entering politics should be given back to Taksin. Yet this rationale is much opposed by anti-Taksin Thais.

Yet others say Taksin can still appeal the case with new evidence-meaning if he ever come back in control of Thai politics and so the courts will then go his way.

  • Global Citizen Views:

But for ordinary Global citizen, what is the correct position to have?

The fact is clear that this case now has nothing to do with the case itself.

The fact is clear that most in Thailand including the government, knows the out-come already and the only argument now if it is to take it all away or not.

The fact is clear that Taksin made a great deal of money before politics and after that, his empire grew in-line with the Thai stock market and other telecoms empire-meaning if Taksin was corrupted, why not do so much better.

The fact is also clear that Taksin is right when he just Twitted that he is being treated “Not Fair.”

The fact is also clear that Taksin did many things while in power that angered many people, right or wrong, who want to punish Taksin by taking his US$2 billion away.

So  how should a global citizen view this situation?

  • Morally Correct Point of View:

This blog sees itself as a global citizen, where we absolutely are not interested in Taksin money or the outcome of this case. As far as this blog is concerned, the Thais have two choices-to live with justice or to live with un-just. Since the Thais have lived for a long time in an un-just system, so what is really new about Thailand.

Our advice to Taksin remains the same and that is, “The money is a goner, forget about it and get over it. Your sin and guilt is being born a Thai and so suffer the consequences.”

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